Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snug and Warm

Today was a big day for a couple of reasons. First, it snowed AND then the young woman seeking asylum planning to stay with us was released from detention. The snow is exciting and we will go to bed hoping and praying for a snow day or even just a delayed opening. I hope when we get up things are still snowy outside. If so I will post a photo or two.

The young woman staying with us while waiting for her hearing was released early this morning. She was up most of the night being transported to Atlanta for release. She stood outside waiting to be picked up with no coat and only flip flops for shoes - it was 38 degrees outside. A few folks in our HR Department took up a collection and at lunch Nicole took her shopping. Besides a coat and other necessities, she was able to buy a snuggly pair of pajamas. It was amazing to watch her struggle with new experiences like getting on a escalator. Guess they don't have escalators in refugee camps. She also saw snow for the first time in her life; before today it was something she had only seen on television. I don't want to use her name on the blog so I will have to give her a nickname. That will be another post.

We finally got home around seven and Hassan had a fire burning in the fireplace. I helped her get settled in her room and for the first time since the beginning of September, she put on her new pajamas and snuggled into a warm bed in a room all her own. No jail noises.

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