Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scary Moment

When I was loading photos off the camera I noticed a picture from Hassan's family home in Beirut. It is a photo of the living room and immediately I noticed something missing from the photo - a porcelain cache. When Sami was 1o months old or so we spent 3 months in Beirut at Jeddo Sami's house. At that time there was a beautiful Sevres porcelain cache (only a few centuries old) on the coffee table. Sami, who was just learning to walk, stood and balanced himself on the coffee table and for some reason reached for the precious porcelain and lifted the lid. I remember both Ramsey and I inhaled, held our breath and waited as Sami carefully put the lid back in place. Only after he took his hands off the valuable piece could we breathe. Then I quickly whisked Sami out of the room.

I don't see the box in the photo and perhaps Souad decided it best to move it. Watching Sami handle the box was one of life's scariest moments for me and seeing this photo reminded me of that scary time in 1981.

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