Sunday, July 10, 2016

What Happened to those "Lazy, Hazy,Crazy" Days of Summer?

Life just keeps speeding up with some days full of excitement, others with too much to do, lots of good times, too many emotions, changes and through all of it, celebrations of summer.

There haven't been too many nights for sitting on the front porch to watch fireflies or much time for summer reading yet though I've almost finished The Promise of a Pencil and I've really been inspired by it. Have you read it? I'm just getting around to organizing my summer book list so if you have suggestions please pass them along.

Meanwhile here are some of the things we've been doing over the last few weeks. 

Watched my son and daughter-in-law in a special military salute during the Braves game

Took an evening tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum, a place everyone should visit

Took my granddaughter to camp 

Attended the Rosie the Riveter Conference. We are pictured with Fran Carter (age 95), the founder of the organization

Walked through the Vineyards in Midtown Atlanta!

Found time for a Girl's Night!

Said goodbye to a friend headed to law school. Hello Chicago!

Went to New York to celebrate my college friend's marriage and had a blast meeting friends that I've heard about for decades

Celebrated the 5th annual PRO BONO & COMMUNITY SERVICE WEEK. Incredible!

Took time to remember one of my mentors. Esther was the "Queen of Pro Bono"

Discovered contents from my one of my grandmother's old purses; a real time capsule - the deposit slip is dated 1978

Spoke at a conference in Detroit with some of my closest friends

Enjoyed seeing my son and his family have some great times together before my daughter-in-law's deployment. We won't see her again until January 2017

Enjoyed seeing a friend in Buenos Aires but I'll save details about this trip for a future post!