Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bronnie Masefau and Mum

Over Thanksgiving holiday in 2010 my son and I made an amazing Christmas trip to New York.  One of our very first stops was Serendipity to enjoy one of those famous frozen hot chocolates.

While waiting on our dinner that night we struck up conversation with two very wonderful people - Bronnie Masefau and her Mum.  I posted about this chance meeting back in 2010.  From the moment we met I knew I'd met two very inspiring and incredible women, but more important, I'd met two people that are very important to me.

This week I was at the airport in Atlanta headed to NY for work and I can't tell you how overwhelmingly joyful I was when I saw a Facebook post where Bronnie shared that she and Mum were also headed to New York!!!

And so we met up again four years later, this time at Grand Central Station.
It was fabulous to see these two women again.  Do you know Bronnie?  If not you should!  She's an Australian designer with a focus on family-centered design.  She is powerfully inspiring with her message of authenticity, faith, family, passion and beauty.   I was so excited to learn that Bronnie is soon to release another new book!

From the moment I met these two women I knew there was a reason they were put in my path.  Our meeting was more than serendipitous.  I'm convinced there is a greater purpose for our meeting. Do you believe in miracles?  I do, and being able to meet up with these two was nothing short of a small miracle.  I feel so honored, amazed, honored, inspired and JOYFUL!  It's a powerful message - believe, be faithful and continue to follow your heart. Thank you Bronnie and Mum!  I can't wait to see you again and the next time we WILL meet up in Australia.  Meanwhile, I 'll follow your blog, read your newsletter and look for your next book!