Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Gardens - Giverny ou Parc de Bagatelle

A few years ago I was blessed to be able to visit Paris in June. 
We normally plan our international trips in spring or fall to take advantage of travel sales but we really lucked out for this one - I won an all-expense paid trip!   In planning this Paris visit I wanted to take full advantage of seeing some of the gardens in full bloom so of course one of my first stops (after Musée Rodin) was Giverny.   I just couldn't wait to see the garden so we hopped the train and headed north.   We stood in line and waded through the crowds to see the house and the garden.  

 After seeing it all and spending the day, I decided the poppies were the one thing I enjoyed the most.  They were everywhere.   On the inside I felt a bit disappointed and I could hear Peggy Lee singing, "Is That All There Is?"   

The next day a good friend who lived in Paris suggested we take a half a day to enjoy his favorite park, Parc de Bagatelle and I was so glad we did.  If you are going to Paris during the blooming season and you haven't visited before, you might like visiting Parc de Bagatelle.  Here are some photos to inspire you (by the way, there won't be a crowd, unless you count the peacocks-they seemed to be everywhere). I developed the film into slides so apologies in advance for the tint in the scans.  The first rose competition that was ever held, was held at PB and the international competition for new roses is still held here each year in June.   The history of this garden (or should I say gardens because it's huge) is fascinating so you might want to click here to learn more

Monday, June 28, 2010

Atlanta Bloggers Get Together Again

The past few work weeks have been insanely busy but I was determined to make the Atlanta bloggers tea that was held last Friday.  It was great to take some time off to join other bloggers in Atlanta for lunch, great conversation and some shopping!   Stop in to visit Sue at Rue Mouffetard to see the pictures from our time together.  Sue organized the event and what an organizer she is!  Hats were optional but Sue donned a hat that suited her sundress perfectly. 
Over lunch we held a white elephant gift swap and I was so lucky.  I selected the gift that Rose from Wonders of Life brought and it just happened to be 2 beautiful doilies hand made by her mother!!!    Just can't wait for the next outing!

Friday, June 25, 2010

From Blogging to NY Times!

I've been following My Shabby Streamside Studio for a while and I've enjoyed and been amazed at her work on her studio.  Then all of a sudden she stopped posting and her blog was pulled.   It was odd because a few weeks ago I saw a post about Sandra's studio on Chez Fifi.   Then yesterday I understood why Sandra pulled her site.  Her work and studio was featured in the New York Times!   What a fantastic story and a beautiful cottage!  If you've never visited her blog you are in for a treat.  Please tell Sandra that Jojo sent you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's the Porch Party

Come on up to the front porch!

I hope you will spend a little time just enjoying some time on the swing and taking in the view.

We've been repainting and adding a few architectural details.

And nothing like recycling some old balustrade to make a side table.

Add some art by Christine Sibley

A window box

And friends,  and you've got a PORCH PARTY!

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you enjoy all the great porches joining Rhodi's Third annual Porch Party!  

Monday, June 14, 2010

No Words Necessary

Do you sometimes look up and see something that leaves you with nothing to say? 

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Salute to Jonathan

Today I salute a soldier.  

His mom used to work with me.  Our office always sent this young man care packages and no matter where he was serving, he would call to say thanks.    Today, along with a colleague we traveled to Savannah to attend his funeral and walked the route behind the Rangers.  I have never been so moved.  Later this weekend, I will share pictures of the wonderful people who lined the streets of Savannah to honor Jonathan Peney. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've Got a Pen Pal!

When is that last time that you wrote a letter?   On National Letter Day, ElizabethHD at French Village Life, posted the idea of writing letters to other bloggers.  Bravely she allowed readers of her blog the opportunity to sign up if we were interested.  Then she paired us off and I was so lucky to have been paired with Pondside.

When I was younger my pen pals were usually my cousins.  I really enjoyed writing Karen, in Noblesville, Indiana and Brenda in St. Paul but now I'm more likely to Skype than even send emails these days.  It was somewhat relaxing to find a quiet time to sit down and write a letter.  And now I'm anxiously checking my mailbox every day, waiting for an envelope!

Can't wait to share a bit more info about my new pen pal!!!  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Off to South Carolina

We're off for the weekend but I had to show a few pictures of my hydrangeas.  They are loving the all the rain we keep having (every day). Most of these have grown from cuttings that I started in order to move my garden from our old home.  This alone makes me really proud.  We live on a city lot so I've tried to pack in beauty in every corner.

This is one of my favorites - Pretty Maiden

If you're interested in seeing more mopheads, peegees and lacecaps, hop on over to visit Elizabeth and Gene's website  They own the most beautiful garden center, Wilkerson Mill Gardens, and it's located near my house.  If you live in the Atlanta area and you love gardens or gardening, it's worth a visit. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I saw them last night for the first time this year - the fireflies.  Since I was young I've been fascinated by these tiny sparkling lights that magically appeared in the summer.   I grew up in what some people refer to as south Georgia (meaning anything south of Atlanta) but actually my hometown is located in middle Georgia and sadly we never had fireflies.   Each summer our family would rent a cabin for two weeks in a small community outside of Asheville, NC and it was there I discovered the fireflies.

Our cabin was a small stone structure with a front porch, an apple tree in the front yard and a gladiola field behind it.  Can you imagine waking up and seeing a field of gladiolas framed by mountains all around?  It was an idyllic setting.  We normally stayed during the first two weeks of July so the gladiolas were just beginning to open and the apples had formed on the tree.  Unfortunately the apples were a bit to sour to eat raw, but were perfect when baked with sugar and cinnamon so we had them for breakfast every day.

The cabin had no tv so we did lots of hiking, playing in streams and exploring in the area.  On our hikes it was so beautiful seeing the mountain laurel in bloom.  I can still remember the woodsy smells of nature.  

We also enjoyed a big trip into Asheville to enjoy the Craft Fair at the civic center.  It was always the highlight of the trip to watch furniture makers, blacksmiths, fiddle players, quilters, potters, etc., showcase their wares and put on demonstrations. 

Then at night we would sit outside and listen to nature's summer symphony and watch the light show as the fireflies circled around us.  It was perfect.

Life is a bit more stressful now and two week vacations don't come often, but I delight in being able to spend the evening on my front porch, watching the fireflies.

I hope that wherever you live, you have fireflies too.

P.S.  Just noticed that someone from Wewahitcka was visiting my blog page.  My mom's from Port St. Joe!  I love blogging!  It's like going places without ever leaving your chair!!!