Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Gardens - Giverny ou Parc de Bagatelle

A few years ago I was blessed to be able to visit Paris in June. 
We normally plan our international trips in spring or fall to take advantage of travel sales but we really lucked out for this one - I won an all-expense paid trip!   In planning this Paris visit I wanted to take full advantage of seeing some of the gardens in full bloom so of course one of my first stops (after Musée Rodin) was Giverny.   I just couldn't wait to see the garden so we hopped the train and headed north.   We stood in line and waded through the crowds to see the house and the garden.  

 After seeing it all and spending the day, I decided the poppies were the one thing I enjoyed the most.  They were everywhere.   On the inside I felt a bit disappointed and I could hear Peggy Lee singing, "Is That All There Is?"   

The next day a good friend who lived in Paris suggested we take a half a day to enjoy his favorite park, Parc de Bagatelle and I was so glad we did.  If you are going to Paris during the blooming season and you haven't visited before, you might like visiting Parc de Bagatelle.  Here are some photos to inspire you (by the way, there won't be a crowd, unless you count the peacocks-they seemed to be everywhere). I developed the film into slides so apologies in advance for the tint in the scans.  The first rose competition that was ever held, was held at PB and the international competition for new roses is still held here each year in June.   The history of this garden (or should I say gardens because it's huge) is fascinating so you might want to click here to learn more


  1. What a beautiful garden - and weren't you lucky to have a friend who could direct you to something so special. I laughed when you quoted the title of the Miss Peggy Lee song. That is a particular joke for my sisters and for me - whenever something has been highly touted and turns out to be somewhat less than expected, one of us will break out into song (sotto voce, of course!)

  2. Oh my that is just beautiful! I dream of a trip to France some day!

  3. the garden is beautiful. you took great photos. sounds like a wonderful trip.

  4. Forgive me but I'm envious on two accounts...your trip to PARIS and your get-together with GA bloggers in Hotlanta!!! How wonderful on both accounts! Thanks for the vote of confidence you left me on my blog concerning my new camera. I am really freaking out over it. Gotta find somebody to give me lessons!!!

  5. Congrats on winning a free trip to Paris. The garden was Heaven on earth. sandie

  6. Hi Cheryl! Well, you know I loved this post! My mind always turns to Giverny in June since that's when I visited there. I have never been to Parc de Bagatelle, so I enjoyed the tour! Happy holiday weekend...hugs...Debbie

  7. I knew Debbie (Plate Addict) would be drooling over this one! LOL

    Jojo, a trip like this is on my bucket list!! Thank you so much for posting the link to info on such. I'm making notes!!

    You look wonderful in that photo on the steps!! I can see where those beautiful granddaughters get their pretty looks. ;-)

    The Gazebo House

  8. Hot tip from a good friend. We've all had those *is that all there is?* moments! LOL. Beautiful photos!!!!

  9. So pretty! Would love to be able to travel to Paris... maybe next year.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I feel as if I've been on vacation! Wonderful photos! Hope you have a great 4th. Will you be spending it with those darling little girls?


  11. You were in in Paris France? A free trip.....I'm soooo jealous. someday...

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures.

    Thanks for coming by and commenting on my patio!

  12. How lucky for you to win such a trip!!! Gorgeous photos! what an experience.

    Thanks so much for becoming a Follower.

    Hope to see you Sunday for "Summer Sundays".

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Oh lucky you. Now I suddenly don't like you anymore. :-) Just kidding. How awesome to get to go to Paris at such a beautiful time of the year too. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.


  14. Gorgeous pictures. Wishing you a happy weekend! Philip

  15. Beautiful garden!!

    Sounds like a terrific time!!!

    The peacock picture reminds me of my good, dear friend in OH who used to have a bunch of peacocks!

    Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  16. Beautiful! It reminds me of our Brooklyn Botanic Garden but with a lot less foot traffic from visitors.

    I dream of visiting Paris one day -- to visit in summer would be magnificent. You were so lucky to win a trip -- wow!