Monday, June 28, 2010

Atlanta Bloggers Get Together Again

The past few work weeks have been insanely busy but I was determined to make the Atlanta bloggers tea that was held last Friday.  It was great to take some time off to join other bloggers in Atlanta for lunch, great conversation and some shopping!   Stop in to visit Sue at Rue Mouffetard to see the pictures from our time together.  Sue organized the event and what an organizer she is!  Hats were optional but Sue donned a hat that suited her sundress perfectly. 
Over lunch we held a white elephant gift swap and I was so lucky.  I selected the gift that Rose from Wonders of Life brought and it just happened to be 2 beautiful doilies hand made by her mother!!!    Just can't wait for the next outing!


  1. JoJo, thanks for sharing the fun. I popped over to see all the photos. ~ sarah

  2. My gosh....I look horrible...if it was anybody else but you I would demand that this picture be burned...I am not photogenic At All!!......but thanks for including the link to my blog...LOL.

  3. Lucky you - what a great idea! I think we should have a Pacific Northwest meet-up!

  4. had a great time and meeting everyone. enjoy my mother's gift to you.

  5. It was fabulous fun and we played a good white elephant game. Hope to see you in August.

    Sue is a beautiful person - and I even love the picture of her. So are you.


  6. Jojo, that Sue will get you into more mischief...LOL...looks like you gals had a great time! Gotta go check out all the other photos as soon as I hit 'submit'.

    Loved the photos of your porch & that darling white side table, too. Great job!

    Oh & lucky you for finding a RED version of my sweater. I would have much preferred that color. Maybe I'll go back & hunt for more.

  7. How great you all got together.
    I love her hat.
    thank you so much for your visits and comments on my blog.
    It really means a lot-

    White Spray Paint

  8. You are all so lucky to be able to get together so frequently! I'm headed over to see Sue's photos :-)

  9. Sue cracks me up and Joyce too! One of these days I a going to get to GA for one of those lunches. They look like so much fun!