Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween

On a work trip but wishing you all a very happy Halloween.

View from my deck

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Viking Cooking School - At Work???

I have a great workplace, really. We work hard but we do some amazing and fun things too.  For instance, last week's Chili Cook-off.  Twelve competitors were vying for the top spot - The Chef''s Choice Award.  The chef making the choice just happened to be one of the chefs from the Viking Cooking School.  Not only was Chef Shea selecting the prize winning chili, he gave cooking classes during the lunch hour! BTW-the most popular chili just happened to be Shrimp Chili.  People went crazy over it!  Unfortunately, none of the competitors wanted to share their recipies.
 The first class was a session on knives and the second class was on making a simple fall dessert.  
After the session I got on the VCS website to look at the fall schedule and found a class on making Macarons and Whoopie Pies. 
 I'm all signed up and ready for class!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great White Shirt

Yes, you read the title correctly and frankly ever since I attended the AF event featuring the white shirt, I've been considering the white shirts I have in my wardrobe.  The three that I have are very similar in design - a classic button up.  The Anne Fontaine blouses that were featured for the event were so beautiful and one in particular caught my eye but at a price tag of nearly $300, it was more that I would ever pay for a blouse.  

So I did a lot of looking around online and found a VERY affordable blouse that is not nearly as fluffy as the blouse featured in the Anne Fontaine fall collection, and I'm sure the fabric is much less the quality but who can complain about a blouse for less than $20!!! 

It's more tailored but I loved it the minute I saw it, especially for the office.  I just love ruffles though they don't always look good on me but this blouse works. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Stress Relief

So this week a friend from work talked me into going with her to one of those neighborhood painting classes and though I ran late and was stressed just trying to get to the class - I had so much fun!!!

I was about 15 minutes late for class so when I got there, I started slapping paint on the canvas.  There were about 25 people in the class and most had brought wine and appetizers in order to relax and enjoy the evening.
 My friend Heather went straight to work.  She's a pro.  Even brought her own paint brushes!
It was fun to watch each of us follow the instructor but take our own creative path.  After I caught up with the class, I began to relax and have fun.  It made me laugh when the instructor had to remind those with wine glasses to be sure to put their paint brushes in the water, not the wine!
In the end everyone was able to bring home a canvas.

Heather and I both said we are going to keep working on ours - we decided we need a snack on the table with the cappuccino. 

But not bad for a relaxing activity at the end of a very crazy week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthday Fun

Last year my sister took me for a surprise makeover as my birthday present so this year we decided to do something similar.  After attending Girl's Night Out at the Alliance Francaise and meeting a makeup artist from Laura Mercier, I thought it would be fun to make an appointment for a session with her.  So my sister and I spent an afternoon (and I do mean an afternoon) at Saks last Sunday. 

It just so happened to be beauty week and what this means is you get gifts - all sorts!!!!  We both got one of these really cute totes that were filled with samples of all sorts of products - fragrances, shampoos, skin care creams and lotions.

We spent a few hours going through the skin care line and getting our faces made over.  The artist spent lots of time sharing application techniques and thankfully gave me an instruction card so that I could follow the instructions when trying to apply makeup at home.

The next couple of weeks at work are going to be hectic with a couple of trips thrown in the mix.  It really helps to throw in some fun during the weekends.  And speaking of fun, I'm looking forward to the Country Living Fair next weekend!  Are you planning to go?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's My Birthday! - THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes that you all sent my way!  It's back to work today but you all made yesterday a very special day for me.  

And I'm so excited!  Normally I take the day off though there's no way that I can do that today BUT I'm leaving early to go see Dr. Weaver (code name for hair all appointments).  Then I'm coming back home to watch Letters to Juliet.  My sister gave it to me for my birthday.  Looking forward to a wonderful day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Always Distracted by the Mosaics

Last weekend I'd planned a very quiet weekend at home mainly as a time to catch up after a hectic work week. Instead on Friday night I attended a girls soiree at the Alliance Francaise d'Atlanta that was so much fun. There were numerous vendors participating with presentations on perfume, the white shirt, make up and lots of other finery, the best were the makeovers.  Truly it was more excitement than I normally experience on a Friday night.   Very fun and I met someone who wants to have a "create your own fragrance" party with me!  
While still planning to enjoy a quiet stay at home weekend, my good friend called and coaxed me to go to the Greek Festival.  When we arrived they were starting a lecture and tour of the Orthodox church and once I saw the mosaics, the food, music, dance and vendors all went out the window.  

When viewing the sanctuary, it's hard to appreciate the greatness of these works of art until you get up close to see all the tiny tiles that create the final masterpieces.  

 The sanctuary walls and ceiling dome were filled with religious art. 

 It was interesting that all of the gold tiles are glass that were dipped in gold so when the sun shines in the windows the mosaics glisten. 

I finally pulled myself away from the art but don't think I got away without enjoying koulurakia, kourambiethes and more!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Iceland?

Over and over I've been asked, why Iceland?  Was it the dramatic and ever-changing landscape?  

Or the countryside?

Perhaps it was unique art or architecture.

Or maybe it was a trusting culture.  A place where children wait outside while mom is shopping. 

But it could have been the food (remind me to tell you what this dish is called.  Clue - in Icelandic it means "confusion in the mouth.")

Or, maybe the healthy "hot pots" filled with warmth and minerals.

Maybe it was a week of no phone, very limited electronics and limited conversation.  Just lots of beauty, peace and quiet. 

I was inspired by Chef Marian from the Victory Garden from an episode that aired more than ten years ago and I'm so glad we visited this incredible country.
If I had to say why we visited Iceland, I would have to say "all of the above."