Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Little Stress Relief

So this week a friend from work talked me into going with her to one of those neighborhood painting classes and though I ran late and was stressed just trying to get to the class - I had so much fun!!!

I was about 15 minutes late for class so when I got there, I started slapping paint on the canvas.  There were about 25 people in the class and most had brought wine and appetizers in order to relax and enjoy the evening.
 My friend Heather went straight to work.  She's a pro.  Even brought her own paint brushes!
It was fun to watch each of us follow the instructor but take our own creative path.  After I caught up with the class, I began to relax and have fun.  It made me laugh when the instructor had to remind those with wine glasses to be sure to put their paint brushes in the water, not the wine!
In the end everyone was able to bring home a canvas.

Heather and I both said we are going to keep working on ours - we decided we need a snack on the table with the cappuccino. 

But not bad for a relaxing activity at the end of a very crazy week!


  1. I can't paint my way out of a paper bag, but this looks like a lot of fun!

  2. That looks like a great stress-buster....especially with the wine and snacks!

  3. I do not have any talent at all in the painting department - yours looked good. sandie

  4. That sounds like it would be a blast! Love your painting...
    p.s. Speaking of cappuccino, I am having a giveaway for a brand new espresso and coffee machine! Come enter!!

  5. This looks like lots of fun! I like the way your painting came out -- it would look so cheerful in a kitchen or breakfast nook.

  6. You look so happy and pretty. This proves that you really do love what are you doing. Good for you my dear friend. Hugs