Saturday, October 9, 2010

Always Distracted by the Mosaics

Last weekend I'd planned a very quiet weekend at home mainly as a time to catch up after a hectic work week. Instead on Friday night I attended a girls soiree at the Alliance Francaise d'Atlanta that was so much fun. There were numerous vendors participating with presentations on perfume, the white shirt, make up and lots of other finery, the best were the makeovers.  Truly it was more excitement than I normally experience on a Friday night.   Very fun and I met someone who wants to have a "create your own fragrance" party with me!  
While still planning to enjoy a quiet stay at home weekend, my good friend called and coaxed me to go to the Greek Festival.  When we arrived they were starting a lecture and tour of the Orthodox church and once I saw the mosaics, the food, music, dance and vendors all went out the window.  

When viewing the sanctuary, it's hard to appreciate the greatness of these works of art until you get up close to see all the tiny tiles that create the final masterpieces.  

 The sanctuary walls and ceiling dome were filled with religious art. 

 It was interesting that all of the gold tiles are glass that were dipped in gold so when the sun shines in the windows the mosaics glisten. 

I finally pulled myself away from the art but don't think I got away without enjoying koulurakia, kourambiethes and more!!!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend and evening and then the rest of the weekend. A little Greek culture and art and a little French culture and art and a little of the cuisine of each, as well. A perfect weekend!

  2. Both events sound fabulous. I could sure use a make-over...from head to toe!!!!

  3. A makeover? Moi? I think not. I know my mirror is a liar but - heck - I pay it enough!!

  4. You go to so many wonderful events - how do you find them? Sandie

  5. What can I say about a Greek Festival. I only imagine that it was a great opportunity to learn something more about our culture and traditions! Thank you dear Chery for sharing this post with us. Hugs

  6. JoJo, thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your, I don't think I've ever seen a man make a list. My principal used to make a few notes but not sure he ever looked back at them!!! Like your husband, my hubby often has a TO DO list....that I make for him!!!!! I even put a little blank space beside each item so he can check them off when completed!!!!

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderfully fun and culturally rich weekend!

    Did you particiate in a makeover? I would enjoy having one just to ahve something new done to my hairstyle :)

  8. I think your weekend sounded much better than one staying in and catching up! I especially enjoyed the previous post on Iceland. What a marvelous trip! Thanks for sharing and the wonderful photographs.