Monday, October 25, 2010

The Great White Shirt

Yes, you read the title correctly and frankly ever since I attended the AF event featuring the white shirt, I've been considering the white shirts I have in my wardrobe.  The three that I have are very similar in design - a classic button up.  The Anne Fontaine blouses that were featured for the event were so beautiful and one in particular caught my eye but at a price tag of nearly $300, it was more that I would ever pay for a blouse.  

So I did a lot of looking around online and found a VERY affordable blouse that is not nearly as fluffy as the blouse featured in the Anne Fontaine fall collection, and I'm sure the fabric is much less the quality but who can complain about a blouse for less than $20!!! 

It's more tailored but I loved it the minute I saw it, especially for the office.  I just love ruffles though they don't always look good on me but this blouse works. 


  1. Oh, looks like you had great fun in the painting class!
    I smiled at the title of this post. My closet is full of white shirts. Lately I've decided it is a great way to live. Just pick a white shirt and a pair of pants and I'm ready in no time. No thought to what one wears. LOL
    ~ Sarah

  2. There was an Anne Fontaine store in Dallas (it may still be there) and I remember looking longingly at the blouses and their beautiful whiteness! Now the other one looks pretty too and at least you won't spend a small fortune on it!

  3. I love the one you picked out. I thought the first was too ruffly, more for the young'uns. This one is sweet and perfect for work or play. Where did you get it????

  4. I found the bargain blouse at Sears of all places and I just love it.

  5. Love it!! I love ruffles, but I am more of a tailored gal myself. The one you bought is more my style for sure!