Sunday, March 20, 2011

SXSW 2011

Mimi in Austin

A Wedding Tale

Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating today!!
I have a friend getting married and it's been so exciting to be a part of her wedding planning from the engagement until now.  The wedding is just a few weeks away and Heather's mom is making her wedding dress.  Heather has given me permission to share some of the pictures on my blog. 
Heather in our painting class
Her mom took off work last week and came to spend the week completing the dress.  As we near the end of the weekend, I'm sure the dress is finished but this was how it looked mid-week.  

The underlay
I just love the added tulle detail!
Beginnings of the dress
I can't wait to see the final product!  Heather is going to be a beautiful bride and following this magical spring wedding she and hubby are off to honeymoon in Italy!  You have to take a moment to see the hotel where they will be staying - incredible!  Heather did some serious shopping to nail this trip on a budget but she did it!!  Click here to visit the site of Rome Cavalieri.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break?

 After getting home from work late last night and heading back to work this morning at 7:15, I've decided - SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.  My musician daughter is on a multi-state tour, currently performing in Colorado and will soon be headed to Beirut for a music festival. She called over the weekend, totally happy with life, just trying to take in the beauty of the countryside.  My sons are having the time of their lives visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy for spring break.  My youngest son posted on Facebook that he's going to need a vacation to recover from his vacation.  We've enjoyed laughing at some of their crazy escapades - especially the one where they lost their car! 
Update - DIL just posted on Facebook:
Citizens in Rome were protesting something and Zein (my son) jumped in with them and started yelling "No more lasagna! No more lasagna!" Lol best brother in law ever!
I spent last week in a sun-deprived hotel attending a seminar only to come home to rainy, windy, gray days.  Where is spring?  I'm trying to be patient but I'm ready for warm, beautiful days - a real spring break.   Calgon....take me away!!! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Live in Your Bedroom

One of the grands bedroom
 When I saw today's wikiHow I was so excited to see the topic on how to live in your bedroom.  As I clicked on the link I was a bit disappointed to learn that the focus of the story was directed more towards the college student trying to "do more with less" though as I read the article it took me back to the memory of my days in my very first apartment.  
Photo courtesy of Hooked On Houses
 My first real job was a teaching position and I made $7,000 a year.  It's not much money now and it wasn't very much then either.  When I started looking for a place to live I had to find something that was within my budget so you can imagine how excited I was to find an efficiency apartment for just $155 a month!  Even better was that the apartment was just 8 miles from the high school where I taught -  not too close, but not too far.  My efficiency was great too, minus the harvest gold shag carpet.  It was a one bedroom efficiency with a half wall divider that separated the living room/kitchen from the bedroom.  Being able to move into that tiny little apartment was my Mary Tyler Moore moment and though I had no sofa, my table, chairs and shelving were perfect.   
Thirty-three years later, my bedroom is my favorite room in our house.  Not because of the decor (though I do love my bed), but more because it's my quiet corner of the world where I can cocoon in my little haven.  I guess I should also mention that a feng shui expert took one look at my bedroom and told me to start over because it looked like a granny room.  

A few weeks after we moved in this house my dad died.  It was a very sad time for me.  We were in a new house with neighbors we didn't know and it was Thanksgiving weekend.  I felt so alone but somehow my bedroom was a comforting space and I learned then that having this very safe place can help restore me. I also learned to treasure having a quiet and private space.
I've always been amazed at Louis XIV's bedchamber and how the room was used for ceremonies and royal business.  Can you imagine hosting public events in such a private place? 

As the weekend comes to an end I'm so happy to have had some quiet time in my treasured space.  Hope you had some of the same.