Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break?

 After getting home from work late last night and heading back to work this morning at 7:15, I've decided - SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.  My musician daughter is on a multi-state tour, currently performing in Colorado and will soon be headed to Beirut for a music festival. She called over the weekend, totally happy with life, just trying to take in the beauty of the countryside.  My sons are having the time of their lives visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy for spring break.  My youngest son posted on Facebook that he's going to need a vacation to recover from his vacation.  We've enjoyed laughing at some of their crazy escapades - especially the one where they lost their car! 
Update - DIL just posted on Facebook:
Citizens in Rome were protesting something and Zein (my son) jumped in with them and started yelling "No more lasagna! No more lasagna!" Lol best brother in law ever!
I spent last week in a sun-deprived hotel attending a seminar only to come home to rainy, windy, gray days.  Where is spring?  I'm trying to be patient but I'm ready for warm, beautiful days - a real spring break.   Calgon....take me away!!! 


  1. Hang on, Jo Jo!!! Spring will come, it always does.

    We've still got SNOW up here - - - haven't seen the bare ground since early December.

  2. I'd say it's your turn! Where will you go?


  3. Cheryl, come to TX. It's been beautiful here and SXSW starts this weekend. ;-)
    Not that I'm hip enough to ever attend any of the venues. Sounds like your children have a good life. What wonderful experiences for each of them. ~ Sarah

  4. Spring is in hiding at the moment!
    Cold and windy here.
    But, perhaps soon?

  5. Take me away too! I spent all day yesterday in a federal prison giving a seminar and tomorrow, wind warnings permitting, I'll be on a ferry to a three day conference in an old military base - think barrack-style accommodation. Where shall we go?

  6. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Spring will come soon but I'm getting a little cranky waiting...

  7. Oh JoJo, it really is your turn to escape.
    Why not meet up with Ponside and come stay with me in Normandy for a relaxing weekend break?

  8. Today the weather is perfect in Phoenix. We spent it clipping all the bushes back, cutting away branches that got frost bitten.

    What musical instrument does your daughter play, my daughter played the cello for 9 years and got to go to Russia with it.

  9. Hop on a plane and come visit me. Today was a gorgeous spring-like day in the 70's. Of course, just give us awhile and it will be stifling hot and the gnats will eat you alive. But you're still welcome anytime!