Sunday, April 24, 2016

Art for Earth Day

I'm a little late getting my post up but had to share a few colorful and creative examples of recycling.

While in Isla Holbox, Mexico I spotted several items that had been repurposed. One photo I can't find was a wall of canning jars so if I find it I will add that photo this post. The jars were painted and mounted on wood frames and had a single seashell mounted on the front of each jar. It was a beautiful wall that made a striking impact as you entered the hotel reception area.

I hope you enjoy these examples. Let's keep reusing and repurposing!

Seen at a hotel in Holbox, Mexico

Parking lane dividers in Holbox, Mexico

Seen in Holbox, Mexico

Recycled boat in Holbox Mexico

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Holbox Mexico and its Unexpected Treasure

Two weeks ago my son and his wife held their wedding celebration in Holbox. It was such an adventure to have members of our families from 4 continents fly into Cancun, make a two hour drive to the city of Chiquila and then take the ferry to the beautiful island of Holbox.

Before meeting my daughter-in-law I'd never heard of Holbox but these days it seems like it's making headlines regularly as one of Mexico's best kept secrets - a real paradise.

There are a few things to know before you go to Holbox.The ATM never has any money available so you have to bring cash. No big banking here. It's a safe place. We were told that if anyone commits a crime, one can expect to face public humiliation and then banishment for life. I'm not sure if that is true but it makes for a good story. There are no cars on the island which means there are no paved roads.  Even in the rain, you get around by riding in taxis that look like this.
But there is GREAT food, lots of friendly people, a town if you want to be around civilization but plenty of quiet at the beach if you want to leave the noise behind. The best part about Holbox is the natural beauty. You really do lose track of time.

It was great having a big group come together to celebrate the marriage of son and daughter-in-law and we made the most of our time with dining on the beach, rooftop happy hours, shopping, swimming, visiting and taking in the beauty of this island.

Half price cocktails every day from 5-6 AND THERE IS A POOL ON THE ROOFTOP!

Hammocks over the water. Just right for reading and napping

So many great shops!!!

Fresh catch of the day at Raices

But one of the best moments for me was spending time with my granddaughter Miah and having time to visit.

Miah: Jojo, we are on vacation and it is beautiful here but not everyone here lives in such a beautiful place.
Me: You are right, Miah. What made you think about that?
Miah: When we were driving here we passed a lot of houses and I could see inside. Some of the people don't have beds.

I was deeply touched by her thoughts. There are many treasures to be found on Isla Holbox but I think I found the pearl.

Thank you Miah.