Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I saw them last night for the first time this year - the fireflies.  Since I was young I've been fascinated by these tiny sparkling lights that magically appeared in the summer.   I grew up in what some people refer to as south Georgia (meaning anything south of Atlanta) but actually my hometown is located in middle Georgia and sadly we never had fireflies.   Each summer our family would rent a cabin for two weeks in a small community outside of Asheville, NC and it was there I discovered the fireflies.

Our cabin was a small stone structure with a front porch, an apple tree in the front yard and a gladiola field behind it.  Can you imagine waking up and seeing a field of gladiolas framed by mountains all around?  It was an idyllic setting.  We normally stayed during the first two weeks of July so the gladiolas were just beginning to open and the apples had formed on the tree.  Unfortunately the apples were a bit to sour to eat raw, but were perfect when baked with sugar and cinnamon so we had them for breakfast every day.

The cabin had no tv so we did lots of hiking, playing in streams and exploring in the area.  On our hikes it was so beautiful seeing the mountain laurel in bloom.  I can still remember the woodsy smells of nature.  

We also enjoyed a big trip into Asheville to enjoy the Craft Fair at the civic center.  It was always the highlight of the trip to watch furniture makers, blacksmiths, fiddle players, quilters, potters, etc., showcase their wares and put on demonstrations. 

Then at night we would sit outside and listen to nature's summer symphony and watch the light show as the fireflies circled around us.  It was perfect.

Life is a bit more stressful now and two week vacations don't come often, but I delight in being able to spend the evening on my front porch, watching the fireflies.

I hope that wherever you live, you have fireflies too.

P.S.  Just noticed that someone from Wewahitcka was visiting my blog page.  My mom's from Port St. Joe!  I love blogging!  It's like going places without ever leaving your chair!!!


  1. I've never seen a firefly, I can't imagine there are any around here. They have always fascinated me though and as a child I would search for them when we went camping. Sounds like you had some wonderful summers growing up...and some even better memories.

  2. Such pretty book illustrations! I've always enjoyed seeing the fireflies come out in summer since childhood. I imagined they would light up my bedroom if I caught enough of them in a jar. I always let them go, however, as I felt bad for them not to be able to fly.

    It sounds like you have wonderful memories of the cabin...I would have loved to go there.

  3. We used to LOVE filling jars with fireflies. We would run around and our parents would sit and watch, cool drinks in hand. great memories
    xoxo pattie

  4. Oh JoJo! I so remember I was young too, those little fascinating lights!! And you are so right, they magically appeared in the summer.I have great memories of summers when I was a kid, thanks for bringing them back into focus!



  5. I loved fireflies as a kid and when my kids were young they loved them also. They are magical!

  6. I rememer once when hubby & I went out...we left the kids with a babysitter and told her NOT to let the kids go out. They talked her into going out to catch fireflies and ended up getting locked out of the house! Nice memory! Linda

  7. Oh my goodness - we have fireflies - I had them when I was growing up and I have them around me now. You can forget just how unique they are - until someone reminds you.

  8. I think, we all as kids loved fireflies. Have a great day my dear friend!

  9. What a beautiful post.
    Life is good, isn't it?

    Thank you so much for commenting on my current post.

    I remember fireflies!

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  10. We always had them in Ohio when I was growing up but we called them "lightening bugs"! LOL

    I think all the spraying of lawns has cut down on the numbers of them we see today.

    Jojo, I'm sorry I do not have a source for the flower arranger I used in my blog post of today. It is at least 10 years old, if not more. I will google the subject & try to find some online for you.

    Thanks for visiting the Gazebo House & for your sweet comments, too.


  11. jojo, we also missed fireflies in the Atanta metro, but we DO have fireflies now that we're back in missouri. we were sitting outside a few nights ago with our grandchildren from Atlanta metro, and they were fascinated to see the hundreds that were in the field across the road! it was *magical*

  12. we called them lightening bugs. would get a glass jar and catch them and be amazed with the beauty rose

  13. Lucciole is the italian word for firefliers! In Bologna country side (where I live) we see them only in July and August. And I agree with you: I really like them! Have a nice day, Anita Camilla

  14. Cheryl, this is beautifully descriptive. I could envision everything you wrote about! What we called "lightning bugs" were abundant in my grandparents' backyard in Farmington, CT. We had them in VA, too, but the ones in CT are the ones I remember first!

  15. No fireflies up here, but I remember them from our last house and from when I was a child in Nova Scotia - they're magical!

  16. Lovely post about childhood memories and vacations where you experience a different way of life.
    The image of the little girl with firefliea all around is precious.
    We get the occasional firefly here in summer but not as many as I woild like to see!

  17. Fireflies don't come around here. I think it's too cold.

    Once again visiting from WOW