Saturday, July 3, 2010

Enjoying My New Deck!

When our house was built a standard deck was added and the wood was sealed and truthfully, I enjoyed sitting on my back deck more than our front porch.  It felt "safe" and less exposed and I've always thought it to be a wonderful space.  Recently we had some work done on the house and the guy doing the work suggested we paint the deck.  At first I wasn't so excited about the idea but I had been wanting some sort of a screen or trellis added to block the western sun.  I had also dreamed of a pergola though it wasn't at the top of my "list."

Well here we are a couple weeks later and I have a few pictures to share.  This was the look of our old deck-slightly weathered, functional, but not too attractive really.

Here is the deck now.

So many little details have been added like the trellis.  It's going to add some shade and privacy once the jasmine fills in. 

I also love these beautiful wrought iron plant holders that my girlfriend's brother-in-law made.  

And it was so exciting to have a ceiling fan added. 

And we added the coolest solar lighting.

Here's the evening view.

Another one of Christine Sibley's sculptures. 


So now we're working on the under deck area.  Check out the painted concrete!

So tonight we will be eating on the deck, looking at the Atlanta skyline (barely visible but still), looking for fireworks.  Hope you are having a great 4th holiday weekend!!!


  1. JoJo, what a charming space you've created. I agree, there is nothing like enjoying one's outdoor spaces. We have a screened in porch upstairs and down which we enjoy year round. Your deck looks so inviting and what a bonus to see the Atlanta skyline.
    Will you be able to see the fireworks on the 4th?
    Enjoy! ~ Sarah

  2. That looks heavenly - can't wait to see it!

    Happy 4th to you. sandie♥

  3. What a transformation! You will spend many, many hours out there I'm sure.

  4. Oh my, Cheryl! It's just wonderful! I know you are really going to enjoy it! I love the pot holders around the unique! Have a wonderful 4th! Are you heading out to see any fireworks?...hugs...Debbie

  5. What an amazing transformation! Your new deck is gorgeous! Enjoy the new outdoor space!

  6. I can hardly believe that is the same deck...what a lovely transformation. Enjoy many dinners and evenings out there!

  7. Now that is one amazing deck and I like the lattice and the ceiling fan. Enjoy! Happy 4th.

  8. JoJo it's so lovely, what a transformation, I hope there are masses of fireweorks for you to watch from that great place tonight.
    BTW, great shadow shot of the underneath space.

  9. Wow! That is quite a change! I love the new deck and can see that you'd want to spend a lot more time outside with such a beautiful spot. You know, we haven't eaten even one meal outside yet this year - too cool and wet!

  10. Charming and elegant space for selective people!

  11. Hi Cheryl....that is one spectacular deck you have going there....I love the height that was added and the ceiling fan...Enjoy it!!

  12. Not sure if my prior comment just in case you missed it I wanted to tell you how fabulous I think your deck transformation is! I love all of the details and it will be even more magical once the greenery fills in. I hope you enjoy many peaceful hours in your new outdoor space.


  13. what a good place to spend time. have a good day.

  14. Wow, JoJo it's gorgeous! What a wonderful oasis to enjoy in your own backyard!
    I have a kitchen fan that is a lifesaver --having one outdoors would be such a luxury!

  15. Hi JoJo,
    I love your Blog !!!
    Thank you for follower my blog!!
    Hugs ;)

    Daniela DREAM SHABBY CHIC Milano

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Boy...what an improvement on your deck. It will be great in the fall, when this "Georgia" heat is gone :)

  17. What an amazing transformation! By the way, who designed it? Even if it was not made or patterned after a design, still it turned out wonderful. I guess this is the magic of collective effort! Good job!

  18. The pergola is a great idea, Jojo! Now you have a wonderful place to refresh and unwind, without worrying about getting too much sun. I think some more plants and a folding beach bed would make your deck a slice of paradise. On another note, thinking of it now, I also spend more of my time in our deck than in our porch. ;]