Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girls Rock - A Camp!!!

I LOVED camp when I was young and I went to camp until I was 14.  It was such a great experience to try my hand at archery, skeet shooting, canoeing, hiking, camping and crafts of all kinds.  Well I'm here to tell you that camp options have changed since the 60's and 70's.   My niece just finished a week at GIRLS ROCK Camp and what a cool camp it was!  The camp is about music and self-expression and so much more.  It's a camp that's designed to encourage creativity, compromise,collaboration, acceptance of others, production, teamwork and to build self-esteem. 
Dressed and Ready to Go For Hair, Make-up and Sound Checks
My niece Melanie is a reserved young lady and is often described by my sister as having a "gentle spirit."   It was great to go to the Girls Rock Camp concert last night to see Melanie come to life on stage.   
 Melanie and Mom (my sister) - Before the Show
When camp starts on Monday, the girls arrive being assigned to a band "job" - either merchandising, writing or other tasks that must be completed by Friday.  Many of the girls have never played an instrument but during the week each girl learns quickly.  Volunteer musicians work with the girls to coach them as each newly formed band learns to play various instruments, write lyrics, music, create marketing merchandise to promote their band and rehearse like crazy.  In addition there are classes and exercises on topics such as self-defense and self-expression.   At the end of the week the girls put on a concert at the Variety Playhouse.   
 Mel Under the Marquis - A Camp With Bright Lights!!!

 Melanie Played Bass - She Started Last MONDAY!!!!

Doesn't She Look Like a Natural?

Camp Songs - No More Singing 'Round the Campfire

Guess what?  They have a LADIES ROCK CAMP!  From what I hear it's a fantastic camp with a major difference - cocktails!    After the concert my sister asked me if I wanted to join her at Ladies Rock.  I responded that I'm planning on going to a gardening clinic instead.  Her comment back, "We go ahead and be boring!"   Okay Cath - I'm thinking about it.

I just had to share a few pics of Rockin' Melanie!!!  Rock on!!!

P.S.  At thirteen I was lucky enough to have attended this historical event - Jimi Hendrix and lots MORE!!!!   It just goes to show you that there's a little "rocker" in all of us!


  1. If the likes of Mustang Sally count I guess there's a little Rocker in me :)
    What a wonderful opportunity for your niece. Her smile says it all.

  2. Your niece is a beauty....what a smile..and what a great idea for a summer camp...this would be right up Miss B's alley...when she was having her photo done on MV the photographer told her to put her hands over her head...she did then promptly broke into "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce...they learn at a very young age...Is your niece hoping to become a performer when she's older?

  3. A huge thank you to to Melanie's aunt Cheryl (JoJo), Hoss, and Zein...without you taking her, picking her up, making sack lunches, and giving her lots of love and support,camp would not have been a possibility. Cheryl, you discovered this wonderful opportunity for Melanie and it was everything (and more!) we could have hoped for Mel! Now, it is OUR TIME...Girls AND Ladies there or be square!

  4. Oh what fun. I never went to camp when I was young. Actually, I've never camped out but one night and I couldn't wait to get home. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Your niece is a beauty. And what a fabulous idea for a camp.

    I think we should get the Atlanta Bloggers and go to the ladies camp!


  6. Wow --what a unique and wonderful camp experience! Melanie is a beautiful girl and she really does look comfortable performing onstage. I hope the young ladies continue learning music and that perhpas they found a future career path.

  7. C'mon - I think there's a little Rocker left in you yet!
    Good for your quiet and reserved niece - she is a confident young lady.

  8. Your niece is so pretty and does look like a natural on stage. Rock camp for adults sounds like fun.

  9. what a good idea for a camp. to learn and open up a world of music and to be creative. it's great. love the hat on your niece, looks good. have a good day

  10. How neat! Never had camp like this when I was growing up. Darn!

  11. I just read your twitter update. Your friend lost her only child?? We lost our oldest son, Joshua, november 2003. We have a daughter, son and grandaughter to share our life with.

    How can this woman continue her journey? Does she have family close to her, husband or grandchild.

    OH, I just can't imagine her agony. Please share her story with me.

  12. Oh my word but I did lead a sheltered life! About the biggest adventure I had at that age was catching a bus to town on my own.

  13. Wow! Your niece looks like a real rock star!!!!! And I loved reading your 7 things! made me know you a bit better!
    PS: I love to travel alone as weel!!! =)

    Hope your week is sunny and bright!

  14. I left an award for you on my blog! sandie

  15. What a great camp! Your niece looks like a natural! So where and when is this Ladies Rocker camp? And you were at WOODSTOCK!!! I envy you!!

  16. What a fun exprience for Mel. I think this is the neatest idea. ~ Sarah