Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Blog Award With So Many Little Details

Some people don't like blog awards but I received this one I'm going to participate but break the rules just a little bit.   Cheri at Cherri's Chatter honored me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  I very much liked being tagged versatile and thus decided to participate in this award though I'm going to bend the rules a bit.  

1st Rule is easy - Say thank you Cheri aka Cheryl!   Thank you so much for the compliment!   I met Cheri when she was featured on the Words of Wisdom blog as a Blogger of Note.

2nd Rule - Tell seven unknown/little known things about yourself.  This becomes harder but here goes.
1.  I hate Jello and egg whites.  To me they have similar texture and it just makes me sick to think about eating either one.  Generally I will try anything but don't ever ask me to eat Jello or egg whites.

2.  Speaking of eating.  I have eaten dog food.  That's right.  My sister-in-law and I were always curious what it tasted like and then she dared me to taste it.  As I said above, I will eat almost anything so I tasted dog food. 

3. I am a movie junkie to the point I'm sometimes held back from other weekend activities because I need to watch a movie (but I couldn't tell you a thing about "Housewives of...,", "The Bachelor," "American Idol," or any other primetime show.  I love going to the theater and collecting movies so that I can watch them over and over again.  My current favorite is Avanti and I can't stop singing the theme song. 
My husband and I have had so much fun with the character Anna, the Sicilian maid in the film.  Doesn't Giselda Castrini look a bit like Prince? 

4.  I love to travel - for work, for pleasure - it doesn't matter and I don't mind doing so alone.  I have friends who won't even go to the movie by themselves and are horrified by the thought of going on a trip alone.  Not me.  I'm going to NY on business in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.  Business is on Monday and Tuesday so I'm headed up on Friday to build in a weekend of fun!  

5. Speaking of travel - we are planning a trip to Iceland!!! I can't wait.  We are going in September and I am sure that I will have lots to share from that trip. 
6. I'm a survivor of a car bomb.  In 1983 we were visiting Lebanon and had gone to the movies (of course) when a bomb went off outside the theater.  Seconds before the blast we had just walked past the vehicle that was loaded with explosives.  I was four and a half months pregnant so when they finally allowed us to flee the scene, I can assure you I was a scary fright.  Immediately after the blast I had a bad nose bleed from the pressure of the explosion.  The theater staff held us all in place for about 25 minutes to be sure there wasn't a second explosion, then we ran down the middle of the street to avoid falling sheets of plate glass.  It was a scary time!  We visited the U.S. Embassy exactly one month to the day before it was bombed and I've thought so much about the sweet Marine we talked with while waiting for our appointment.  He was from Virginia and  when he heard me talking he came to me and said, "it's so nice to hear a southerner's voice."  I've always hoped he wasn't killed in the blast.
7.  I'm a workaholic though I never wanted to work.  In my deepest dreams I'd always planned to be a housewife.  I started working when I turned 16 and I've been working since.  Working has made me a far more interesting person than I might have been otherwise so for that I am grateful. 

Okay, I have rattled on with the 7 unknowns.  Now for the last rule.  Give the award to 15 other bloggers.  Can I break this rule and instead offer it to 15 other bloggers?  If you want to receive this award and participate in sharing info about yourself, send me an email and I will compile a list of participants to add to my post. 

Happy Sunday and have a wonderful week.


  1. Thank you for sharing these interesting informations on you! Have a nice sunday, Anita Camilla

  2. Such interesting things to learn about you! I knew you loved travel and it's fun to read about your trips (well not the car bomb one....scary).

  3. What an interesting little post!........packed full!
    I don't like jello either and love to travel. I do a lot of business travelling alone - wish it could be to NYC!

  4. Wow, Cheryl! Scary about the car bomb! And I have eaten dirt! lol
    I found the link to the fairy door:
    I got the little windows, too! Can't wait! Happy Sunday!...Debbie

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    I so enjoyed learning a little more about you with this post.
    I don't mind jello, eat whole eggs, love to travel, will eat most everything except snails & oysters but I leave the dog food for Mr Ben!
    Have a great week,

  6. Iceland, I'm not certain where it is. the car bombing story is terrible. you were lucky. any particular dog food that's tasty?

  7. First off, Amazing tidbit about surviving a car bomb blast! Sure would like to read the post on that! I hope and pray your baby survived too.

    Congrats on the award. I was happy to find your blog. I was attracted to your blog, as the name your grand kids call you, is the nickname for my youngest daughter, who is expecting her first child mid September.

    We also share a love of movies. Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Whale Rider, A Patch of Blue (wow...what an impact that movie had on me!), Cousins, and Butch Cassidy are favs of mine too.

    I also love and quote from the Prophet a lot on one of my blogs. I cherish SIMPLE ABUNDANCE and atribute my finding my first home I bought while single, from reading that wonderful book.

    I like your style and the way you express yourself. I'd like to follow your blog and visit again.
    My email is

  8. So how DID dog food taste? Would you mind just trying a doggy choc because I always think they smell delicious but can't quite pop one in my mouth. It seems hardly fair - the dog has no such qualms eating MY food!

    Iceland eh? I heard it's a beautiful country so lucky you. On the other hand we in England have had cause this past few months to know EXACTLY where Iceland is because of their volcanic ash.

  9. Wow...7 very interesting things! Iceland?? Why Iceland?? The car bombing must have been terrifying! You are definitely a world traveler. I'm one of those who won't go anywhere alone, except maybe shopping which I enjoy doing by myself. Great post!

  10. I don't accept awards anymore because after so many years of blogging I had so many, and I'd rather someone new to blogging have the thrill of getting them. I do enjoy reading new facts about bloggers, however, and it was fun to learn more about you, Cheryl!

    What a scary experience it must have been being so close to a car bomb! Such acts of terrorism are horrible and I know that we in NYC are targets for such things for the sad reason it is so crowded here and it would make a big impact. I pray nothing like that ever happens.

    Speaking of NY, when will you be visiting? I'd love to meet you for lunch or to visit a museum together if you have a few free hours. I am going on vacation for a few weeks in August so I hope I'll be here when you visit.

    I can be happy traveling on my own, and have often done it, but I love to travel with my husband as he enjoys driving more than I do and I leave that task to him while I read travel brochures along the way :-)

  11. You were "visiting" Lebanon in 1983?
    I am so glad you escaped the bomb blast!

  12. I loved hearing more about you - how cool was that. And you are getting ready for Iceland? sandie

  13. So interesting and exciting post. Kind regards.

  14. wow, the car bomb was an unexpected and i giggled at the jello-egg whites.

    also think it's classy to OFFER the award.

    hugs to you, jojo!

  15. My sister was living in Beirut in the early 1970s. It was frightening then too. Her two eldest were just toddlers. A few months ago, my brother-in-law took one of those "toddlers" back for a lovely visit to his homeland. It was a marvelous experience for her--and, a joy for him.


  16. Cheryl, what a frightening experience. I can't imagine the fear you must have felt. Glad you are here to write about it. Enjoyed reading this interesting post. Have a great time in NY. It's one of my favorite cities. Spend some time in Central Park! ~ sarah

  17. Hi, Jo Jo, thanks for stopping by! I don't think I got that invitation you were talking about, so can you send it again?? Thanks, Rhoda

  18. I'm are way too elegant to have eaten dog food...

  19. NY! You will be in my neck of the woods. Well, sort of. I am at the east end of the island!
    The car blast sounds awful. We were in the movies once about 20 yrs ago and we had to leave because of a bomb scare. We have only gone once since then! :)

  20. Wow. I enjoyed reading all of these things about you. Such an interesting gal! I'm finally catching up on some blog reading this evening! Sounds like you are enjoying the summer, too!