Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Pressure This Week

Next Sunday as a part of a church class I have been taking, individually our class will be called before the church and asked two questions. The first is what do I ask of God? Then, what do I ask of the church?

Each Sunday in prayer, the priest asks that anxiety be taken from our lives. So today in class I just had to let the class know that my entire week will be ridden with anxiety over sharing my responses with the entire church body!

I will be the first one to admit that normally when I say my prayers there are tons of selfish, small and large requests that I focus on. Last week as the lottery got bigger, I even prayed to win the lottery! In all honesty there are lots of other good causes on my list - including world peace though I don't think that response would be appropriate given that it sounds like a beauty pageant response. My wish board is filled with all sorts of far fetched dreams . . . .

This week I will be filled with anxiety and focused on coming up with 2 perfect answers to two very difficult questions. How would you answer?

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