Saturday, January 5, 2008

Free At Last - Maybe

I volunteer with a group called GAIN, the Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network. It is an organization that helps provide pro bono legal assistance to persons fleeing persecution and seeking asylum in the United States. Working with this group I met a twenty-one year old (yes the same age as Mimi), woman from Liberia. This young woman has no living relatives and has been living in a refugee camp since she was 14. Since arriving in the United States in September she has been detained. The pro bono attorney representing this young detainee applied for parole for her so that she doesn't have to sit in jail while she waits for her court date and this week we learned this week that parole has been granted. My husband and I volunteered to serve as sponsors which means that we will have a house guest for a while. Today I spent the afternoon cleaning and making ready for her arrival, hopefully this week. We are praying for the best but her future here is not certain. I am sure that in the weeks to come you will be hearing more about her.