Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Can You Say c-c-c-cold?

Various weather reports keep declaring a range of ridiculously cold overnight temperatures but no matter how you read it, it is cold. I love the way southerners react to the cold. You will see plenty of guys walking around in t-shirts trying to pretend that it isn’t cold. Then there are folks like me who layer up like an Inuit unable to deal with the cold. Inevitably every southern woman who owns a fur pulls it out because there is finally a chance to actually wear a fur in Georgia. Of course everyone starts dreaming of a snow day and usually someone will make a comment about how people in Georgia don’t know how to drive in the snow. My favorite reoccurring conversation is the discussion of bugs. People usually comment on the fact that a good cold snap is going to kill off next summer’s bugs. Now there may be some truth to this bug extermination but I would be willing to bet that even with the cold, the bugs will still be with us next summer.

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