Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tiny Tree

Both of my sons have always enjoyed Christmas but my younger son has especially enjoyed every detail of the season, particularly the tree and decorating. When he was young I decided to make him a tree out of tiny glass beads. These days thanks to imports, bead work is easy to find and very affordable. When I made this tiny tree I had to mail order the beads and it literally took me three months to string the beads in order to construct the tiny limbs on this 6 inch tree. Each year I pull out the 20 year old box and proudly display my son's tiny tree. One day (maybe?) he will eventually move out but until that day arrives he is always proud for me to showcase his tree. Thought you might enjoy seeing it.


  1. Gotcha back for that deliciously tempting looking cheesecake. Never did get around to making it, but I will. Oh, I will get to that one!
    I meant to comment on your tree. It is the sweetest, loveliest, little tree. You must be a Zen Master (Mistress!) for having the patience to do all of that beadwork. A true labor of love for your dear child.
    So beautiful that he still gets to appreciate it around the holidays. Those are the best memories and the things we look forward to!

  2. i TOTALLY ADORE THAT TREE... I thought about doing something like that but dont have the patience...

    Looks as if I have missed a lot of posts... puppet shows ... but the piece de resistance seems to be that recipe...

    Talk about mine??? omgoodness... that pumpkin cheesecake .... GIRRRLLLLLLL



    JO TOO

  3. Wow! How beautful! Your son's tree will be such a nice keepsake for him!

  4. I love Pan's Labyrith's too, Jo Jo!
    I added myself to your follwers :-)

  5. you have sons too - and daughters? or what? just wondering because I am SOOOO nosey!!!! haha!!!!

  6. What a cute story! Jojo visit my blog on Friday, there is a surprise for you waiting.