Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holt Howard

We used to have an incredible antique market that opened once a month. It was my favorite because you could find almost anything there. No matter what you might collect and no matter what your budget might be, you could find it at Lakewood Antique Market. About 12 years ago I was scouring one of the buildings during the holiday season and spotted a pot with holly on it.

Holly Berry Hot Chocolate Set - 1959

When I picked up the pot I noticed my maiden name on the bottom. Once I saw Holt, I was convinced that Holt Howard was the collectible for me. Since that time I have added many pieces and I thought I would share a few with you.

Winkin' Santa Mugs - 1959

I also love some of the fun pieces that remind me of decorations and "what-nots" we had around the house in the 60s, like the angels. (Do people say "what-nots" any more?)

Angel Candleholder - 1958

There are so many pieces to collect and generally they are so affordable. For me it is nice to enjoy some vintage pieces without having to spend a fortune. You'll find plenty of Holt Howard on eBay.


  1. Jojo, the angle is very cute. I love browsing through antique markets as well and over the years have found some real treasures. Although I have to say things have risen in price and real great finds have become harder to find.

  2. Hello Jojo, you left such a beautiful comment on my last post! You must be a gorgeous person! Thank you for all the compliments you made for my pictures. I feel much better since I learnd to handle the situation in my job! How funny to see what you collect. I love old soup dishes and french cream ware! Greetings to you and your family, Mira from Germany!

  3. Hi Jojo!

    I love the winking Santa mug! I never heard of Holt Howard and it is very nice.
    I would love to visit and antique market that was reasonable. Those type of markets here are usually high priced and charge admission to enter! Space rental is too expensive in NYC to allow for bargains.
    Sometimes I'm lucky and find a yard sale.
    I've never bought anyhting from E-Bay! I should really try one of these days....maybe I'll look for one of those Santa mugs!