Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Littlest Angel

It is Sunday afternoon and I wanted to post before we rush off to three events this evening. It seems many fellow bloggers are busy doing much the same - baking, hosting events, shopping, making gifts and trying to prepare for family events.

Yesterday part of my family came together to spend an afternoon with two children I have been mentoring for the past four years. They are wonderful children who just happened to be born into less than perfect circumstances. This summer their mother, who had struggled with drug and alcohol addition, died at the age of 39 leaving behind two young kids. These kids have a twenty-four year old brother who is now their legal guardian.

When my niece heard about these children and that they had lost their mom, she decided to do something for them. She has been saving money and rounding up gifts of all kinds so that she could give these two orphans some Christmas memories. Yesterday she brought bags of all sorts of cool goodies wrapped and bagged. It was incredible to see these kids opening a makeup bag, pillows, an alarm clock (so they can get to school on time), silly string, Georgia football sweatshirts, sparkly face gels, soaps, tons of toiletries and other goodies. We spent the day playing together with my son, sister, brother-in-law, husband and especially my neice, playing and laughing with Pinkie and Yondon. When we drove them home they wanted to know when we could do it again. Today I want to honor my niece Melanie. During this holiday season so many children are making long lists for Santa but it warmed my heart to see sweet Melanie giving unselfishly from her heart making a very special day for two very needy children. Blessed are the pure in heart. . . .


  1. God Bless your beautiful niece and those two children. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for bringing the spirit of the season to light...Sometimes, in the midst of all the holiday hullaballoo, it's easy to overlook its true essence.

  2. What a beautiful Christmas story! It isn't fair what some children have to endure. Thank the Good Lord for kind folks like y'all who make such beautiful memories for those children--and I'm sure for you as well!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely story!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas your neice gave those children -- one they will never forget! God bless her and that sweet family who has been through so much.

  4. It was a perfect day enjoyed by all! When Melanie got home, she told me Pinkie said that she was her best friend. That meant so much to Melanie. Seeing the joy in Pinkie and Yondon's eyes (from the gifts to being included in the family) was the best Christmas gift of all. In a world that is so busy we don't have enough time to get everything done, it shows just how special a person you are to have given your time to these children and their family for so many years. I'm lucky to have you as my sister.

    Thanks for a beautiful day with family!

  5. What a cute little girl in the photo and what a wonderful thing to do for those children.

    My girlfriends and I decided not to give each other Christmas gifts this year and instead made a monetary gift to a family that is struggling this year to make ends meet.

    It is so important to give a helping hand whenever possible and for your niece to do so just shows what a caring person she must be.