Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Are You Making Cookies?

I used to have dozens of cookie cutters that had been collected through the years but when we moved a few years ago, in my packing frenzy, I must have discarded them. I was a Home Economics major and for several years after graduating during school breaks and even when my children were young, I worked for a shop at the Merchandise Mart doing demonstrations. It was great fun trying out all sorts of cookware, kitchen gadgets, convection ovens, etc., and it was during these years I acquired a ton of cookie cutters. One of the holiday seasons my demo product was a line of cookie cutters and to demo the cutters I made
gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. It might not sound like fun but keep in mind this would have been decades before the Food Network, Martha Stewart or HGTV - doing food demonstrations was a real novelty. Yesterday while visiting Posie Gets Cozy's blogpage I spotted some gorgeous snowflake cookies and I was longing for my cookie cutters. Today during lunch I went to Dillard's to buy a couple of ornaments that were on sale and low and behold - there was the snowflake cookie cutter on sale for $6! Hopefully there will be time this weekend to make a few snowflakes.


  1. I love Alicia's blog and I've been thinking about those delicious looking cookies ever since spying them in her post! She wrote that her mom made them. Oh, how I'd love to make a cookie that looks like that! I was just wondering where my cookie cutters were, too!
    And your job demonstrating how to use kitchen gadgets and such, sounds like my dream job...combining teaching and a love of all things culinary related. Please let me know if you find a good cookie recipe with frosting!

  2. Your demo job sounds like fun to me! I love baking and making cookies. I have several different shaped cookie cutters. I am planning on making some Christmas cookies this weekend.

  3. Hi joJo

    I love to make Christmas cookies and I also have been collecting cokie cutters for many years.

    I'm making cookies next weekend with my adult daughter and her friend. Hope yours came out well!