Monday, December 1, 2008

So Many Wonderful Memories

It's hard to remember all the wonderful things we did over the past few days because we did so many things. First there was the puppet show and the nice thing about the puppet show at the Center for Puppetry Arts is that after the show you can make your own puppet.

We all got new flannel pajamas and it was so comforting in the evenings to put on our new pink pajamas and snuggle up for a bedtime story.

Nothing feels as cozy and warm as new flannel pajamas, warm socks and a toasty fire in the fireplace. It's the perfect time to sit and enjoy some delicious hot chocolate and cookies so that is exactly what we did!

I must have taken 200 pictures just trying to capture all the of the things we did so that we could send all of the memories

to my son who will be in Iraq during the holidays. Even though he wasn't here, we catalogued everything for him including the girls being so exhausted and sleeping in the car on the way to ice skating and The Varsity.

Before the girls left for home we started decorating the tree. Can't wait to show you how that turned out.


  1. hank you for stopping on my site! I can see you had a grand time as well and those girls are darling. My daughter was born on Christmas day and for years I made her a new pretty robe for Christmas. Sewing seems to have gone out of fashion and i thought it was ironic that my granddaughter chose a home made dress of the 50's as her main birthday presen. Maybe I should get her a sewing machine and a bunch of old McCalls patterns for Christmas.
    I am sure your little ones went home with a head full of wonderful memories!

  2. Just perfect! They are such beautiful little girls. Everything you did sounds so sweet. How nice that you will send the photos to your son, too. I'm sure he will treasure every photo. What a wonderful Grandmother you are! You are all blessed!

  3. I just read your comment on my post. I love the fact that you are giving your neighbor, who is a beekeeper, Vanilla Sugar. What a great gift for him. He will surely appreciate it! I have subsequently found yummy recipes for Lemon Sugar and Orange Sugar. Now to find someone who would appreciate them as much as I would!

  4. What a wonderful grandma you are! And what fantastic memories you are giving those girls!!!

    You make me really look forward to having my own grand kids to love!
    Hugs to you!

  5. Jojo, the girls are super cute and they must love you to pieces! What a lovely grandma you are.

    I am sure that your son will treasure each and every photo you take. You can never have enough photos of your kids - they grow up way too fast!