Monday, September 5, 2011

The Monkey Puzzle Tree

 I love the Monkey Puzzle Tree or the Monkey Tail Tree.

Oh, you say you don't know this tree?   Have you seen the movie The Ghost & Mrs. Muir?  The Captain and Mrs. Muir have an argument when she cuts down the Monkey Puzzle tree that is blocking her view.  
The outside of Gull Cottage
Well today I saw a set of sheets that reminded me of the tree.  Have you seen the Lilly Pulitzer Monkey Trouble sheets?   
 It's a bit too much color for me but I really like them. 

Have you visited the Pacific Northwest?  When you walk through some of the neighborhoods you will often spot the Monkey Tail tree.  
This was one just a couple of streets over from my daughter's house in Portland, Oregon. 

This week is going to be an exciting one.    Hope your week is a great one too.


  1. I don't think I've actually seen one in person, I've traveled the Pacific NW and just missed them, I suppose! What adorable sheets, I am one that likes bright colors! I have missed reading your super blog and glad I'm back! It's been a busy summer!


  2. That is a fun tree! And I love the sheets too, but like you they have a little too much color for me...

    Thanks for the sweet words on A Scrapbook of Inspiration!

  3. Hi Cheryl! I am not familiar with that tree, but it does have an interesting shape! I do remember the TV series, though...loved it! Happy week...hugs...Debbie

  4. There was one outside my MIL's house in Vancouver, and there's a GIANT one in front of one of my workplaces. I'm not really fond of them until they become so big that they are monumental - then I can't help but admire them.
    I like those sheets - they'd make a fantastic summer tablecloth.

  5. Such an odd and interesting tree---I need to watch that movie again---I don't remember the Tree Incident...I wonder if there are any here in the Los Angeles area....I would love to see one close-up-and-personal...!

  6. That is one very cool tree! I don't remember ever seeing one but maybe while I'm in N. Cali I will see one. Those sheets are pretty but very bright! Have a great week! hugs, Linda

  7. They are interesting trees and I see quite a few of them. I'm not terribly fond of them, too gangly for me. But the fabric is oh, so pretty.

  8. I have never seen one, but they are quite interesting! Very unusual. Glad you are having an exciting week! sandie

  9. Now I have to go watch that movie! I was not familiar with the monkey tree, but now I can understand Mrs. Muir wanting to cut it down. I do like the sheets, though. They seem like a lot of fun for a young girl.

  10. I've never seen, nor heard of this tree. It looks like, well...a monkey's tail!

    Bizarre. I've never heard of it, and I've watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir scores of times.

    This is a very good reason to watch it yet again. ;-)

  11. The movie "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" is among my favorites! I don't think I've ever seen a Monkey Puzzle tree in real life, however. It is very unusual. The sheets seem to have chandelier silhouettes on it -- wonder why they call them "Monkey Trouble"?

  12. Oh yes...I have seen these trees! And I do love those sheets....what fun. Thank you for visiting me the other day. xoxo

  13. Never have seen one of those trees. But that Lilli P fabric is adorable! Linda