Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Anti-Shower Baby Shower

Tonight I went to an anti-shower though I think it really was a baby shower.    
 Nicole, pictured above, is the mom-to-be.  She's having a girl....

A small group went out for dinner which was followed by presents 

and cupcakes with booties on top.

Yes, this is a cupcake with mile-high icing!
A lot of things have changed since I had kids but I think it was really a shower.   At any rate it was fun!


  1. We flew back home a few days ago and now am reading all the posts I missed. Your gift from the French lady was very nice. I don’t know where she lives but I am pleased that there are several of us from Paris in the States (well there must be many of us.) Your sunflowers were gorgeous – I have tried to plant some but we just don’t have enough sun. The moon vine bloom is so lovely – you do have a green thumb. I was in Columbus, Oh, during Labor Day and am sorry I missed the Decatur Book Festival – it must have been a lot of fun. The cupcake at the baby shower looks so tempting... I am hungry now.