Saturday, May 15, 2010

What Do You Listen to On Saturday Mornings?

A couple of years ago I bought myself a small under-counter dvd/cd/tv/radio combo for my kitchen and it is one of my favorite things!  On Saturdays I love to get up and put on some of my favorite easy listening music.  Here are some of my favorites.

Blossom Dearie 
Astrud Gilberto

Rosemary Clooney


Some of my other all-time favorites are Deano (Dean Martin is my dream man),  Henry Mancini, Brazilian music (I have a collection of cds so the music plays for hours), and a number of the Putumayo Presents French cds.   We used to have an incredible international records store at Peachtree Center in Atlanta.  It was so much fun to go in and visit with the owner.  He really knew his music.  Sometimes on Fridays when I was having a bad day I would hop the train at lunch headed for the shop in search of a Friday mood adjustment.  When I would get to the shop I tell the owner what kind of mood I was in and he would always say he knew just the sound I was looking for, then hand me something new to listen to.  He got me hooked on listening to lots of things that are no longer heard on the radio, but well worth hearing. Trapped in a time warp....hmmm, maybe.

Have you ever listened to the soundtrack from Woman on Top?  I loved the movie and the music makes me happy. 

And I almost forgot BASIA!  The beautiful Polish singer/songwriter who performs with her sister!  I love that, as my sister and I still sing together.  At Basia's last Atlanta performance my sister and I went and had the pleasure of meeting and sitting with former CNN news anchor, Mile O'Brian and his lovely wife.   Anyway, my sister and I kept whispering through the show how the backup singer's voice sounded so similar to Basia's and she looked a bit like her too.  Before the night was over, she introduced her band - and her sister!  How cool is that!

Happy Saturday! What are you listening to today?


  1. We have a lot of classical music playing in the background during the day. Very soothing. I love the oldies also!

  2. I, too, have a little under-the-cupboard CD player and radio in the kitchen. On a regular Saturday it's silent - I find a crave quiet at home, so listen to music very rarely. I do most of my listening in the car, and then I like Joan Baez, Syliva Fricker Tyson and kd lang. The only time, really, that I'll listen to anything on a Saturday is if I'm cooking up a storm for a special dinner, then it's full blast.
    PS My sisters and I sing together too.

  3. You've listed so many of my favourites here! I call them my "open window" selections... they are the perfect soundtracks for that warm time of year when I can throw open the windows and cook something wonderful.

    But Saturday mornings can usually find me listening to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me on NPR!

  4. Now I wasn't listening to music this am - but I like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, country, I loved Mama Mia, and have you seen the movie Reurn To Me?

    All good music, I love music - it soothes the soul.

    Sounds like you ahd a good morning.


  5. I think that a lot of people have a radio or some other where the music feels the room. I,love allkinds of music classical, jazz, modern, the Eagles. When i was in my car today, I listened to music from the 80's.

  6. my favorite is *light* or ballet classical music....then some days, it's Michael Buble...whatever is easy, soft and relaxing.

  7. Right this moment (and it's midnight Sunday) I'm listening to Billy Connolly, a Scottish comedian, on TV.

    On a Saturday morning we have a show called Saturday Kitchen from 10 til 12. It's a cooking show but one you can actually learn something from.

  8. Your music selections are very upbeat and fun, Cheryl!

    I used to listen to a lot of radio and CD's but lately I crave silence during the day. I'm not sure why? I even took the music off my blog as I wanted it to be quiet. I guess we go through stages and I'm in a quiet stage :-)

    I do love to listen to Italian opera arias and classical music when I am cleaning the house and when I'm driving I listen to NPR.