Monday, May 10, 2010

Favorite Memory of a Scene

Every now and again there are a few very special scenes that replay in my mind at unexpected moments.   Most of the time these aren't scenes or places where I've managed to take a picture.  In fact, quite the contrary.  These are usually places when I have been overwhelmed or totally captivated by the moment and the thought of getting my camera doesn't cross my mind.

One of these very special memories took place thirteen years ago.  My husband and I traveled to the U.K. to visit my brother-in-law who had been recently engaged to a British woman.  He was living and working in London but his wife-to-be was living in Marazion, Cornwall.  So on a Friday afternoon, in ridiculous traffic, we set out for the Cornish coast.  I have to be honest with you.  Growing up, I read way too many love stories set in Cornwall so I was simply beside myself to be going for a long weekend visit.  Because traffic was so bad just getting out of the city, our drive took far longer than it should have and admittedly, I fell asleep along the way.

My brother-in-law woke me up saying that I needed to be wide awake for what I was about to see.  As I woke up I could see a full moon in the sky.  It was the kind of moon that turns everything a deep, beautiful midnight blue.  As we rounded a corner I saw the sea reflecting the moonlight and then rising up out of the water was St. Michael's Mount.  Honestly it is impossible to share with you the memory of that moment but I can share with you some of my souvenir stones.  I loved the rocky coastline, so much so that I brought home a dozen rocks! 
Do you have a favorite memory of such a beautiful scene?


  1. Beautifully described!
    Sometimes there are things that are so beautiful that they are best recorded in memory - no camera could ever do justice.

  2. Wonderful post. I have a memory of a sunset in Sanibel! Gorgeous!

  3. That looked so lovely - I know you had your breath taken away.

    I went to Alaska a year ago - any scene there was breath taking to me.


  4. Hi! a Ga. girl in northwest GA. Planning to follow your blog. If you have time my blog is I Loved your picture. over 3 years ago, we traveled to France. We went buy train to see the Holy Shrine in Lourdes. The countryside was simple but beautiful. saw alot of grape vineyards. Love it.