Sunday, May 16, 2010

Selecting a House Color

We have a colorful neighborhood and one of the reasons for all of the color is our neighborhood.  As the neighborhood was being built, the neighborhood required the builders to vary the colors.  They worked with the local paint store to put together a palette of arts & crafts colors to help make color selections easier for the homeowners.

To help me make my selections my husband and spent a lot of time driving through neighborhoods in the Atlanta area.  I settled on a blue/grey color with white trim, and just next to me is a green house trimmed with beige.  On the other side of the green house is one that is barn red.  My other next door neighbor is going to paint her house and she's selected a yellow ochre color.  She and her husband actually tested several shades on large areas of her siding to be sure they achieved the desired colors. My neighbor is from Sicily and she was trying to capture the color of an Italian villa.

It is so difficult to select the right color and it can be costly if you make a bad selection but the one thing that helped me was to be able to see houses that featured the color combinations I was considering. It is so much easier to visualize the final product when you have the chance to actually see color on a large scale.  The paint store is a great resource too and they can offer lots of tips, such as select three colors to help create interest.  I had a really hard time with this advice and opted instead for two colors with stained wood serving as the accent color. One of the things I learned not to do is to ask the advice of your neighbors.  Our Italian neighbor who tested colors on her house first made the mistake of asking a few neighbors their opinions and a few of the comments hurt her feelings.  Luckily she followed her own judgment and the house is turned out beautiful.

I hope you will take a few minutes to get inspired and see some of the color that has been used in my neighborhood.

Shades of blue

and yellow 

and purple,

beige and even orange!  Shades of green and brown are really popular too. 

One of the houses near me just sold and I'm really excited.  The new owner to be said he's thinking of painted his house a dark purple with gray and white trim.  It sounded luscious to me.  

My first blog stop in the morning is typically Marie Arden Pink Living  and it started me thinking.  The one color missing from our neighborhood color palette is



  1. Now actually - you might have something there. Do you live in Atlanta" It looks like a nice neighborhood. Very pretty homes.


  2. Of course the Pink pic is the best!!

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    It has been too long since I've visited your blog. I hope you are doing good and haven't stressed too much over paint color.

    We are going through the same process right now. It shouldn't have to be this hard.


  4. Pink? - well it depends on the shade.......
    I love a colourful neighbourhood and the wood on our stone house is painted raspberry and taupe - just the thing in a place that has rain all winter long.
    Yes, I know mamoul - my mother still makes it and baklava for special occasions - yummy!

  5. I have missed you too. So glad to be blogging and connecting with old friends again. :-)


  6. looks like an interesting neighborhood.

  7. JoJo your neighborhood looks so delightful! It almost looks like a fairy tale land with so many wonderful colorful homes.

    I'll calm down now. Really, I love color and those houses are just calling me.
    I love your little swimmer. So pretty in pink!

  9. What wonderful houses! I love the idea of dark purple/ grey and white!

  10. The last picture with the cutie is the best by far! Hugs.

  11. I think the best move when new in a neighborhood is to get input from your neighbors across the street. They're the one who will actually be living with it on a daily basis!

  12. Pink is a wonderful color, but blue is the nicest!! Have a nice day, Anita Camilla

  13. I like your neighborhood. It has a joyful look about it. I am curious to know if the homes are older and lovingly cared for or newer in old styles.