Thursday, May 6, 2010

Think About This As We Approach Mother's Day

One of my girlfriends who grew up in a home that took in foster children sent me this today.  It really does tug at my heart.

While millions of children across the country celebrate a heart-warming holiday with their moms, 123,000+ children are waiting in U.S. foster care for a permanent and loving family to call their own.  These children have been abused, neglected or abandoned, taken from their home and are now without a mother, a father...a family.


  1. It really does make you think. I am so thankful for my parents and that I was able to raise my own girls!!

  2. 123K+ kids. So many many parents want to adopt - I guess they must be older children or ones with issues. That is so sad. Prayers to these children. Love and hugs, sandie

  3. You know I think I have been calling your grand daughters twins and just really looked hard at their picture - they aren't twins are they? They are both still adorable. I'm a little slow.


  4. What a terribly sad statistic.
    Up here there are children who will never be adopted because their parents (or in the case of aboriginal children, their band) won't relinquish custody despite being unwilling to assume care. The poor children are caught in a horrid kind of limbo.
    I emailed you a recipe for potato candy - you might like it.

  5. i wished we weren't too old. we'd adopt, so i encourage it...especially for older children. they need a family too.

  6. Such a sad can only pray that some of them find fantastic homes, and I guess most folks want babies to sad..

    JoJo thank you for stopping by to visit today, Happy Mother's Day!


  7. I would like to adopt, but it's really difficult here in Italy. This is so sad. Anita Camilla