Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I love potatoes so you can imagine how delighted I was on our recent trip to Germany to learn that one of the villages we visited had a restaurant in Rothenberg ob der Tauber that had nothing but potatoes on the menu.  I know what your thinking.  That is was just a potato bar or a mashed potato bar, but it wasn't!  Everything on the menu was a unique potato dish so we decided to order different dishes to that we could taste different things.  Here are just a few examples from the menu of Roedertor.  

A Diner and His Potato

1) Potato Pizza.  Just imagine a delicious thin crust with cheese, onions, tomatoes and cubed potatoes.

2) Cordon Blue Sandwich.  This was INCREDIBLE!  The "bread" was actually mashed potatoes and in between the two layers of potatoes were the cheese and ham.   It looked as if the potatoes were put in both sides of an omelet pan and topped with cheese and ham.  Then toasted to a golden brown.  YUM!

3) Potatoes and salmon.  Okay, can't complain about smoked salmon and crispy hash browns with sour cream and capers.  It didn't have an amazing presentation but it was yummy.

4) Potato spinach souffle.  On the menu there was a long list of souffle options but we selected the spinach and it was delicious.

The menu was so creative and it made me think about hosting a potato party.  BTW-have you ever had Potato Candy?  It's one of my childhood favorites! 

I didn't take food pictures (my pictures of food are generally unappetizing), but I did take some pictures in the restaurant.  Not only is the food great, it's adorable inside the restaurant.

Well, I'm off to make some hash browns!


  1. It would be nice to see it and taste it for myself, but since I can't I'm enjoying through you! sandie

  2. I love potatoes, too! If I'd seen that restaurant in Rothenberg I'd have gone in. As far as potato candy goes - we make something up here called Potato Fudge - I wonder if it's the same thing.

  3. I'm a potato lover too. I would so enjoy that restaurant!
    I made garlic smashed potatoes the other day and ate way too much. :)

  4. I would have loved that restaurant! I love potatoes. My hubbie loves pasta....


  5. Oh the deliciousness of potatoes! I have one very large baking potato in the basket. That, baked and stuffed with some steamed broccoli, a little sauteed onion and topped with a sharp cheddar, is going to be our dinner. Add a salad--yum! I was just pondering what to put on the table when I checked your blog. My husband and I thank you!


  6. Potato Candy??! How does that go? I'm not really the humble spud's greatest fan but hubby is so I do like to dream up different ways to cook them

  7. OH YUmmy! My son is a potato lover, for christmas he asked for a deep fryer for his room so he could have fries whenever he wanted them!He really loves all forms of potatoes :) That sounds like such fun, such charming cozy decor to boot! By the way thanks for stopping by and you are welcome to get thrown in the 'Kitty " anytime!

    luvs and glitter

  8. My daughter would go nuts over this restaurant! Looks really interesting and fun!

  9. I could eat potatoes morning noon and night....I need to try a version of the cordon bleu...I'm always frying up mashed potatoes so how hard could it be....and the resturant looks so quaint...I love Germany!!