Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Morning Surprise

This morning I had an early meeting in the downtown so I left my house extra early. Unfortunately I arrived 45 minutes ahead of time and found myself sitting outside on the patio of a small downtown diner. As I was reading headline news on my blackberry (bad habit those blackberries), I began to hear someone playing the flute somewhere nearby. I looked all around and noticed out on the street, two homeless individuals just enjoying the morning together. One of the them was playing a flute. The sound of the flute was beautiful and it added so much to the start of my day. As I headed off to my meeting I was reminded how rich we are if we only stop long enough to hear the music.


  1. Indeed this is a nice way to start the day Jojo!


    in answer to your question about collage cutting, I use a simple cutter, scissors at times but rarely. I'm making some at the moment on an Asian theme. I saw in your profile that one of your favorite books is Silk. is it the one by Alessandro Baricco ? I love it too...so special isn't it ?

    Have a great summer day !

  2. I love the sound of a flute.
    How lucky to get to hear it in the morning!

  3. Hey again,
    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your very thoughtful comment. A mother's group is number one on my list of things to organize this fall. That's a GREAT idea and I know I'll need it. And man, what a year you had. I can't imagine all those things happening at once. Even though that was the past I'm sending you a hug!

    And I love Corey's blog! I've been reading it a long time, but haven't commented til recently because for some reason my computer doesn't like it--it takes forever for her site to load, and longer for a comment. (Maybe because she has so many readers!) But lately it's been faster, so I've managed to leave a note or two. I had no idea she was featured in Victoria! I love that magazine and am so glad it's back. I'll have to search her out. I don't have the latest copy.

    Thanks again for your helpful words! I'm so glad I started blogging. It's great to have new friends like you!
    Love, Becky