Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Fun

We are having splendid weather at the moment so yesterday at lunch I decided to spend the hour outside. It just so happens that my office building is a block away from Atlanta's High Museum of Art and I thought it would be a perfect place to go for lunch and a way to enjoy an outing What a treat for me. The complex has a wonderful restaurant and a small cafe. The cafe has a has a well landscaped private patio with a peaceful gurgling fountain.

I bought a sandwich and sat outside in solitude just enjoying the flowers, butterflies and the rushing sound of the water. What a restful and enjoyable lunch. After sitting for about 30 minutes or so I enjoyed a walk around the piazza just taking in a few of the public exhibits.

For those who have never visited the High Museum the structure itself is a unique and beautiful complex. It is an all white building though in areas there are vine-covered walls that make the architecture so interesting. I thought I would share some
pictures of my fun Friday outing.


  1. Lovely. The gurgling fountain clip is adorable. Yes, taking in all of the wonders of our daily world is a life well lived!

  2. I enjoyed the look around! Atlanta isn't so far from us. We really should visit--there's so much to see!

  3. There is really something so relaxing about the sound of water... rain, seas, rivers, creeks. Even the bathtub!

  4. JOjo, thank you *so much* for posting on my site. Could you send me an e-mail at ;

    I am leaving for France very soon but my neighbor Maxine, who is one of the main organizers, will be the person to contact.
    How super that your daughter lives among us. Portland is a great place for bands, or so I am told!

  5. Jojo, you are one lucky lady to be able to stroll to a museum during your lunch hour! The closest one that I consider worth visiting is one hour drive in maddening Los Angeles traffic.

    I was in Atlanta for a painting workshop and never really got a chance to visit this lovely place. MAybe next time?!

  6. Jojo,

    I can't find an EMail address for you. I did a write up about you as a Darfur Project PArticiapnt that will that will get posted in a couple of days. I checked the link on the widget you placed in the blog and needs to get changed to

    Right now it takes viewers to my Flickr page rather than the web site. Would you please fix that?

    Thank you!