Monday, August 4, 2008

Do You Have a Collection of Wishes?

Last summer I decided to make a wish board or a manifestations board. It is a visual poster made up of all sorts of things that aren't in my life or maybe they are but not in big ways so I decided to make something that would keep me focused on the things I want to be doing. The idea was to visually remind me of things I can improve on, pray for, or spend more time doing. To make my board I found a piece of cardboard and covered it with pretty wrapping paper. Then I went through old magazines and cut out pictures or words that inspired me. For the past year as I would get up in the morning and while brushing my teeth, I would concentrate on the wish board. My wish board is a now a year old and needs to be refreshed so I have been saving up magazines to make a new wish board. Many of my previous items will be reappearing on the wish board but it will be a renewing exercise that will inspire me to continue to follow my dreams.


  1. What a smart idea!
    You've inspired me. I'll do it.
    I really think there is something to visualization.
    I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Hi Jojo~
    Thanks for stopping by my site and it was fun to hear that you had visited the Vialla Zorayda, too! It reopened this spring and it is really beautiful.

    I am in the process of spiffing up my board. I've actually had some form of it for many years. But today they wind up being cuter with all this crafty stuff going on!

  3. Hello, you left a lovely comment on my blog, so I thought I'd come over and say hi this evening. You have beautiful daughters. I have often wanted to make a dream/inspiration board. Thank for for the reminder. I do believe there is a lot of power in actually seeing what we would like to manifest in our lives. Oh, another much needed project before returning back to work!

  4. A 'wish board' is a very creative idea to keep you working towards your goals through visual reminders.
    Thank you for helping me make the Aid Darfur project a success!