Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Couldn't Do It

Do you ever stop and think about the jobs you couldn't do? For instance I know that I couldn't be a doctor or nurse. During the winter as I drive past construction sites it reminds me how lucky I am to work in a warm office. I just don't think I would get much done if I spent the work day warming my hands at the fire barrel. Sometimes when I see creepy looking crawl spaces my thoughts are that I wouldn't want to be a home inspector and have to go under a house and crawl around in a dark as scary place. What about mining? Every time we see another collapsed mine story in the news I have to remind myself to breath. Somehow just thinking about such an accident just takes my breath. Today as I went out for lunch I noticed that the window washers working at the building across the street were taking a break. I hadn't ever really looked at their "office" up close but I decided to go over and see what their work space was like. Not only are the window washers dangling 50 stories in the air but they work in a tiny space. Sometimes I have been at my desk when these loud thumps hit my window and then you see the window washer using big suction cups to help keep him or her stationary. I wonder how much a window washer makes an hour? Even if they don't get paid well, I bet the day is entertaining. My guess is that on occasion they get to see some interesting things when they look in the windows! Putting aside my fear of heights, I still couldn't be a window washer. After lunch I walked back to my office, looked out the window and felt a new appreciation for my job, clean windows and my office space.

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  1. I say that sometimes too.... I wouldn't do that you could not pay me enough to do that!!
    We really should appreciate our jobs more.I use to love my job, I enjoyed talking to people ,I am retired now and miss that aspect of my job.
    Have a good weekend