Friday, February 1, 2008

A Nervous Goodbye

In one of my earlier blogs I mentioned the young female asylum seeker that we are hosting/sponsoring. She is has now been out of detention for two weeks and has been living with us since that time. We have had some very interesting experiences together. In the last two weeks she has had her first escalator ride, been in a high-rise building, eaten Thai food and foods other than African or "jail" food, and shopped in a grocery store. She has also had to tell her life story to the pro bono attorneys helping her with her asylum case. Having to relive the trauma has caused her so many sleepless nights. I have promised her that she won't have to think back on her horrible experiences ever again. Now her wonderful attorneys will tell the story for her.

Tonight she packed up to go spend a few nights at her girlfriend's house. Her friend moved from California to the Atlanta area to be here with her. We got home from work to find Ami packed and waiting for her friend. We also found her nervous and sad to be leaving us, her new family. She sent an email today telling me that she is so happy to be a part of our family and I was deeply touched. Pictured are the two of us at the office just after a second escalator ride.

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