Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year begins tomorrow, so, tonight I will throw away all the bad from the previous year. Pictured is the concoction that stays on my kitchen counter and it is meant to absorb any negative or bad things that are in my house. We set it up in July and I am grateful that there is so little build up of negativity. I have seen some of the "catchers" spill over onto the counters. Making the catcher is interesting. You mix up a concoction of salt, copper, silver and water. Once you make a catcher you don't disturb it until the end of the Chinese year. Then you throw away the bad. Can't wait to start a new catcher and get rid of the old.

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  1. My friend Heidi sent this to me after reading my posting. I am posting it for others to read.

    February 8, 2008
    Promise Of Prosperity
    Chinese Year Of The Rat

    Chinese New Year this time around is the Year of the Rat, which brings
    with it the promise of prosperity. The Chinese admire the rat for its
    quick mind and ability to gather valuables and save them for the
    future. Since 2008 is the Year of the Rat, the year ahead should offer
    many opportunities to acquire wealth, as well as the ability to make
    choices that enable us to provide comfort for a long time to come.

    Since the rat sign is the first in the Chinese zodiac calendar, we may
    feel the energy of a cycle beginning. We may also feel a pioneering
    spirit that helps us to forge ahead with a completely new endeavor.
    Looking beyond Western culture's distaste for rats, we may be able to
    appreciate their ability to thrive in less than ideal conditions. This
    quality might offer us hope that whatever challenges we may face will
    only serve to make us stronger and more able. The rat's ability to
    solve problems is well-known, so we can choose to enjoy any challenge
    that helps us keep our minds sharp while also making life more of a
    game. A competitive nature may develop within us, leading us to use
    the rat's ability to focus on priorities. The rat can also remind us
    to be less worried about pleasing everyone we meet and more focused on
    our goals.

    We should be aware of the rat's habit for collecting and not allow
    ourselves to become so focused that we neglect those around us. Being
    constantly on the alert for opportunity can be stressful, so we can
    make the decision to balance our pursuit of prosperity with the
    enjoyment of good food and atmosphere and the people we trust to offer
    us both support and space. With the energy of challenge and
    possibility, the year is likely to be exciting without being
    explosive. The Year of the Rat is sure to offer the type of enjoyable
    challenges that will enable us to become all we can possibly be.