Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Latest Class

Since October I have been taking an RCIA class. It has been a great journey though I don't "graduate" until Easter. On Sunday we had a service with the Archbishop to "launch" us into the final phase of the program. It was such a moving service. Unbelievable musicians performed, the program was read in five different languages, and then the Archbishop spoke from the alter. It was at that moment that a bird from nowhere flew to the windows behind the alter, crashing into the glass. There was a thud and then a burst of feathers followed by a fall. A priest volunteered to pick the bird up and he promptly cupped the bird in his hands. Just like Saint Francis, he warmed the bird and carried the little creature outdoors. We were all totally distracted but it made our program unique. Here is a picture of my class and one with me and a classmate with Archbishop Gregory.

P.S. The little bird is just fine!

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