Saturday, April 25, 2015

Art by Tony McCray, Joey Kiernan and Paper-making

Folks in my neighborhood are so talented!  It was so much fun to be invited to a neighborhood art show on a Saturday night. Yes, there was art, but there were also some demonstrations which made viewing the art extra fun.
My husband and Tony
I've blogged about my talented neighbor Tony McCray of Rust in Peace in the past.
You've gotta love these business cards!
Tony had several beautiful pieces on exhibit and I have to confess that the Scrabble mirror was my favorite.  The mirror is huge and is framed in over 1200 Scrabble tiles.  And just look at all the happiness!!
My neighbor Joey is amazing and let me tell you.  She's not just creative with an eye for beauty. NOTHING will hold her back.  She displayed pottery, various mixed media, mosaics and encaustic painting.  Joey even did a demo on the process.

 Joey did an amazing encaustic demonstration using layers of wax and a blow torch which created greater appreciation for her works using this technique.

Then we got to watch a paper-making demonstration by a local nonprofit that creates paper and journals to help young victims of human trafficking.  Sadly Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking so it's great to learn about the nonprofits that work to help the victims.
Recycling paper scraps into new pulp


The pulp was fun for the kids!

Straining the pulp

Spreading out the pulp for drying

The pulp is spread between two fabric squares

The paper is dried overnight on racks

My husband was amazed

And here's the final product
I feel so lucky to be in a neighborhood with such talented and nice people!


  1. What a great event! Love the way everyone came together for this.

  2. What a fun neighborhood gathering. You definitely live around talented folks, yourself included!

  3. What creative neighbors! Thanks for sharing their art.

  4. Jojo, you've got some very talented people in your neighborhood!!! How wonderful to have such an event, this is really heartwarming! Thank you for sharing~


  5. I love the energy of when good people gather together and create beautiful and meaningful projects!

  6. Looks like a fun evening, what a talented bunch! Love the Scrabble. Board.

  7. It certainly must be nice to live in your neighborhood! Here, the houses are few and far between and, for example, we don’t know the people living across us or those living next door (although next door is more than 2 blocks away as there is a field with cows in between!) and there is a lake between us and those living behind us ... Most people we see are those running on the street or going up to Kennesaw Mountain. So you are lucky where you live.

  8. What a great neighbourhood - and what a great idea! I haven't been around for a while, so it's been fun to catch up!