Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Deployment, Family, Chick-fil-a and ... the Atlanta Falcons

The day is finally here and in just a few short hours we will have to say goodbye.  This time it will be for about 7 months,  It doesn't sound like much but during that time there are 5 family birthdays, Mother's Day, cheer competitions, summer camp/vacation, anniversary, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the holiday season and so many other special events.  We will feel his absence and we will all be reminded that time doesn't stand still, for us or for him.

He's a tried-and-true Atlanta Falcons fan so along with his family photo, he's packed up his favorite Falcons jerseys.  Today we will lunch on one of his favorites - Chick-fil-a, before heading to the airport to do what military families do - say goodbye and then lean on each other for comfort.

We are proud of my son, my daughter-in-law and my nephew and all of the other men and women and their families who serve in the armed forces and make these sacrifices every day.

Godspeed dear son.


  1. Our SIL was in the Army for several years and was deployed several times. It is a big commitment and challenge on our young families to be separated from one another and 7 months does not sound long unless it your life. I will be thinking of you and your family and sending prayers for all.

  2. Oh Jojo, your son is such a blessing to all of us in the USA! Thank him and your other family members who serve, what a sacrifice. I know your heart must be so heavy, will pray for your comfort during this time and will pray that God will protect and bless your son while he's away.
    Take care, Jojo.

  3. It's a hard time, I know. I will tuck your family away in my prayer list.

  4. How hard it must be to see him go, yet how proud you must be, too. Saying a prayer for a safe return.

  5. Loved having a moment to catch up on your blog! So thankful for your son, for you, and for your entire family...you all make amazing sacrifices. Thank you!