Sunday, May 31, 2015

Quicken Loans, Detroit AND the Great Place to Work Executive Strategies Network

Okay, the title of this post probably makes no sense but this month because our firm is a member of the Great Place to Work Executive Strategies Network, I was able to visit Detroit and spend a couple of days at Quicken Loans headquarters and wow, what a great trip!!  Detroit was amazing and so is Quicken Loans.  I have never experienced so much enthusiasm for a city and a workplace.
Great Action Words Throughout Quicken Loans
Don't You Love This "work" Zone?

Work - Life = Balance
Meet Melissa - The Woman Who Helps With Buildouts - Amazing!

Getting ready for discussion

Love the ESN!

What a perk - Red Bull!
 Prior to the trip I wasn't expecting much and I'm sure you are thinking the same thing - Detroit?   There has been so much negative publicity about the blight of the city and the bankruptcy.  It just doesn't sound good, right?  But what a surprise.  Perhaps because the city really had no place to go but up, the city entered a modern-day renaissance and Quicken Loans is one of the major driving forces behind many efforts. It is incredible. Quicken Loans is working to renovate dozens of properties and historical buildings, helping start new companies, encouraging and investing in new entrepreneurs all while growing their core business.  You can feel the enthusiasm for the city from the moment you arrive.

Quicken Loans operates a summer internship and guess what?  They never advertise and yet every summer 1,500 students get an opportunity to work at Quicken Loans.  They meet for one entire day with Dan Gilbert, the CEO and get a full day introduction into the "isms", the core values that get put into action and are the foundation of QL's success.
Isn't this a great philosophy for the workplace?

The "isms" as a Fathead.

We met Melissa. She oversees the build of new space. I was amazed at her enthusiasm, artistic passion, her artistic eye and practical vision in work spaces.  Then came Bruce.  Believe me - NO ONE is more proud or has a greater passion for Detroit than Bruce.  I left there wanting to move to Detroit.
Sample work space.  Can you say fun?

And cool?

Pianos on the street.  Music at lunch.

Bruce showing us a layout of downtown.  Orange roofs are Quicken Loan Buildings!

View from the QL exec floor

Bruce on the street.  He is something!

Bruce showing us art in a parking deck.  Artists are leaving their mark everywhere!!!

Yes, the can says...Detroit, Opportunity!  Detroit is an opportunity and even keeping things clean is an opportunity to make a city better!

Dan Gilbert owns the Cavaliers, thus there is a basketball court in corporate headquarters.  Gotta love it.

Ezelle and Tony - Great Place to Work

Safety Deposit Boxes - Dime Bank Building 

And Art!

The vault conference room

Vault conference room

A little fun!

The vault door

Were it not for the Executive Strategies Network and my workplace I would not have had this opportunity.  Wow!  Now I can't wait to go back to Detroit.


  1. Sounds like a great trip. It's good to see an area revived. We took a Sunday drive and drove by the old town of Lanier and Mionwa Springs. The springs were still there, but the bustling town of 1854 Lanier was long gone in Macon County.

    It would take more for Detroit to disappear; but, it is good history is being preserved. Plus, I have always thought it was crazy for people to pay so much to live in a new small house in the burbs and old established neighborhoods went into blight. Being from Warner Robins, we saw this big time growing up.

  2. It's sad when a city declines. I'm glad to read that Detroit is being revitalized by some far-sighted entrepreneurs.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I've only been in the Detroit airport. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Fun trip! My cousin lives in Detroit....I need to go visit him soon :)