Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tony McCray, Stone Soup, Pajamas and More

It’s been a couple of years since I boasted on my neighborhood. I’m guessing that most neighborhoods have plenty of interesting people, but I feel really lucky to have so many interesting and fun people living around me.

Every couple of weeks one of our neighbors hosts Stone Soup.  The event is held on a Thursday evening which gives us all a chance to get a jump on the weekend.  The hosts of this event are neighbors Tony and Missy McCray.   Tony and Missy were the urban pioneers who moved into our neighborhood when most people were afraid to even drive through the area.  They’ve had six kids (homeschooling them all) and they both continue to help promote that small town community feeling in a metro area with the world’s busiest airport just minutes away! 
Tony & Missy's house
 I can’t always make the stone soup social gathering but somehow this week I managed to get home in time to put on pajamas and join the fun.  Most people didn’t want their photos taken in their pajamas but I had to share a few pictures of this month’s breakfast stone soup event.
Tony is featured on the left

 For years as our neighborhood was under renovation and development, Tony was instrumental in the design of our street signs, house numbers, mailbox numbers and the landscaping. He didn’t do all the landscaping but he did the work for a number of homes in our community and certainly inspired everyone.  

Hanging lanterns are everywhere

Our neighborhood glows in the evening thanks to Tony!
 Now Tony focuses his efforts on his business, Rust in Peace.  If you go to major fairs you are bound to run into Tony.  He’s always at Scott Antique Market, in the area for Marburger Farm and lots of other fairs and shows.   Click here to see a highlighted item on the Country Living website. 

Sometimes I get caught up by the thought of going to a faraway place to see something interesting or meet amazing people.  Isn’t it a good feeling when you realize they are in your neighborhood? 

We should have a virtual neighborhood party where we share our neighborhoods.  Might be fun to get to know the neighbors!


  1. JoJo, I love this neighborhood! I know you're in Atlanta right? What part of the city? We're in Marietta.
    Love your photos, your neighborhood is full of charm and Southern Hospitality xo

    1. Robin we are in East Point - I'm your country neighbor! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. That's such a nice tradition. We live in a very rural area and don't see neighbours from one end of the month to another. Something like what you've described would do a lot to bring people together. The houses in your neighbourhood are so pretty - and I love the lanterns!

  3. I've seen so many transitional neighborhoods turn into something spectacular when everyone pitches in to make it a better place. I love the idea of the lantern. Your area is just lovely and a get together is such a great idea and a good way to keep up with the happenings. Very nice.

  4. It sounds like you live in a great neighborhood. How neat that you all get together so often. That is special indeed.

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Sounds like you live in a great neighborhood . . . love the hanging lanterns.
    I like your idea of a virtual neiborhood post . . . what fun that would be . . .

  6. What a great neighbourhood to live in. You are a community, not just neighbours. Love it. All the lanterns are so pretty in the trees.

  7. What a great post. You are blessed to live in such a social neighborhood. I too love the lanterns hanging for the trees...may have to steal that idea...although our Oklahoma wind might carry them off to a far away land. Your neighborhood is beautiful and I love older upcoming areas. Someone had to be brave enough to be the first and set the bar for renovating how cool that it was your friends..Love the Stone Soup night. My son and his new bride just moved up to the Atlanta area so we hope to be visiting your beautiful city in the coming year!
    Miss Bloomers