Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Plans Change It Can Still Make For Some Good Times

Several things were planned for this weekend but lucky for me a few plans changed which gave me some unexpected free time.  It was wonderful to have fewer scheduled activities and more time to catch up on a household tasks and errands, meet up with a friend for a trip to the movies and a chance to gather with a few friends for an afternoon gathering.  The afternoon gathering was at my girlfriend's condo with the spectacular view.   Thought you might like seeing a few photos of her beautiful condo.  Several of the snapshots are upside down and if I can figure out how to correct them for posting I will add them later. 

Since I’m on the topic of décor I have to boast about  a fellow blogger and my cousin, The Milkweedpods.  She’s a DIY blogger and recently some of her projects have been popping up on The Pottery Barn blog!  Check out my cousin’s blog here.
Aren't the dogs adorable!!

This weekend the Cathedral Antiques & Tour of Homes kicked off and I’m really hoping to attend the Miles Redd lecture and tour the Inspiration House in the coming week.  It's going to be a great week!


  1. Lovely condo, but I'm loving those furry cuties!! Thank you for your visit. Hubby's birthday is tomorrow, so he will have a piece at his sister's house, where I'm taking the cake..she's hosting a tea party with their siblings.
    Have a great week.

  2. I will definitely check in on your cousin's blog.
    It sounds like there's a lot of fun activity in the offing.

  3. Oh my. . . the dogs . . . I will take all three . . . love them.

    Nice condo and views!

  4. Thank you for posting! Yes, I love my doggies!

  5. Thank you for posting!
    Yes, I love my dogs!

  6. Very nice Condo...LOVE the flowers and those doggies are as cute as they can be! It all looks so warm and comfy, too!

  7. Beautiful condo and I love the dogs – they are adorable.