Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Dish for Mother-in-Laws

An engagement photo
 I never met my mother-in-law but thanks to her sister, in some ways I know her.   Unfortunately she died while trying to give birth to a baby girl when my husband was not yet 3 years old so he can't remember her.  Early in our marriage on my first trip to Beirut, my mother-in-law's sister spent some very special time with me, telling me about Selma and sharing some items from her trousseau (I have several beautiful handmade linens and lingerie).   Her family also gave me her china and my father-in-law paid more than what the dishes were worth to package them up and ship them to me.  
Set with the demitasse instead of the tea cup
 Though this tablescape may lack the artistry and beauty of many bloggers table settings, it makes up for it with love - lot's of it.
 There are many things I 
cannot tell you about my my husband's mother, Selma but I love her lemonade set.  I can just imagine her girlfriends gathering for tea and the trays and tables being set with beautiful hand-embroidered pink doilies and napkins.  
Had the Noritake dishes she used been sold in the U.S. at the time they were made, the set would have been marked Made in Occupied Japan but because they were purchased in Lebanon, this was not required.    There are 24 place settings and the set has all sorts of serving pieces such as this domed dish with a porcelain strainer that my husband calls the olive dish. 

 We have finger bowls too.  I'm not sure that I would know exactly how to use them but I love them simply because they connect me to my husband's family. 
Today I'm linking up with Cuisine Kathleen to enjoy the Let's Dish for Mother's Day.   Hope your Mother's Day is full of happiness and wonderful memories.  


  1. I have the similar style dish in my Mother's Day post, I thought it was a butter dish! I love olives so that works better for me. Happy Mother's Day, JoJo! xo

  2. Cheryl what a sweet post to honor your Mother-in-law! The dishes are lovely and its nice to have some connection to her. Happy Mother's Day! Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Cheryl, so glad you linked up. Those dishes are so beautiful, and I bet there are pieces that weren't sold in the US. How kind of your fil to ship them to you!
    It is sad your dh never got to know his mom. Def a piece of his life is missing.
    I think as we get older we realize it more.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Hope you get to see your Joy's!

  4. Love goes a long way and what good is a table without love seated around it! Blessings...

  5. Oh love love that pattern. It's just wonderful. How wonderful that it was sent to you to cherish and use. What a lovely gesture. You are so lucky. Have a blessed weekend.. xo marlis

  6. Cheryl, this is a sweet story. I think the dishes are beautiful and are certainly special. Thanks for sharing this special story. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. This gesture is so very wonderful!!! That chandelier you show is fantastic! Wow! You are so fortunate to have these treasures, especially Selma's picture!

  8. remarkable set of dishes and such a lovely way to share your mother in law with you. I love the colours, and I adore the beautiful photo, that gown is gorgeous. She was a beautiful woman. Happy Mother's Day

  9. What a precious and loving post about your mother in law! What a beautiful photograph of her. How wonderful that you have some of her truly exquisite treasures!

  10. What a pretty china pattern! I'm glad it came to you. I agree that the olive dish is actually a butter dish -- from the days when butter was home-churned and molded into a round, perhaps? I have one in the set of dishes that were my grandmother's. Your husband's story is so sad -- thank goodness these days many fewer women die in childbirth!

  11. Very lovely dishes, heirlooms. Have a happy mother's day.

  12. WOW What beautiful china!
    I loved yr story on Corey's blog.
    If you just turn off yr flash (basically permenantly) yr lovely pictures will look like the others believe it or not.
    Digi-cameras suck up the available ligjt so you almost NEVER have to turn on the flash.
    Only if it's night and yr trying to catch Flamenco dancers on a stage.
    I kid you not.
    I have used my flash about 2x in 6 years..

    I never even heard of a lemonade set! WOW

  13. I think the China is BEAUTIFUL! So classic and elegant---How wonderful that you have this set....And so lovely that it connects to your MIL....Great for your husband too---Very Precious, Indeed!

  14. I knew the beautiful china was Noritake before I even finished is so identifiable once you become familiar with it. Happy Mother's Day!

  15. When we drove back from the Gay, Ga fair last week-end we stopped in Newnan and had planned to stop at the Dunaway Gardens but their site indicated that they would be closed that Sunday. We’ll go there in the fall. I wrote a post one year at Christmas time about the Market Bulletin. For years I would take the name and address of 50 persons listed on the Bulletin and send them Christmas cards. They stopped listing the names two years ago. I wrote to them but they did not reply. I am not happy about it.
    I like the engagement photo of your mother-in-law – she was an attractive lady. The set of china is very beautiful and the pattern so delicate – what a wonderful gift you received. This is a very sweet post.

  16. O, she was so pretty, Jojo....and her dishes are just wonderful.
    I think you are such a sweet lady to be so attached to your hubby's family. You are a very good daughter in law....and I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day.
    xo bj

  17. Love her engagement photo! Lots of beauty and love at your table~ Hope your Mother's Day was special :)