Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delta Airlines and Atlanta's New International Terminal

Today was a big day for my neighborhood and for the city of Atlanta.   Our airport, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, opened a new international terminal. 

Our neighborhood is just around the corner from the airport (I know.  It sounds noisy but I promise you, it's not) and we love being near the airport.  My oldest son and DIL are both air traffic controllers so I'm always excited to see the ATC tower. 
 Delta Airlines headquarters is less than a mile from my house so of course we love Delta for all the great things they do for our city and our community. 

My husband and I decided to drive over and see how things look on opening day.   Our family loves to travel and we've had plenty of discussion trying to figure out who'll get to fly out first.  Looks like my oldest son wins.  He flies in from Germany in just a few weeks.  Yay!!  Now I'm wondering which one of us will be next.  
Where are you going this summer?


  1. It's nice to live close enough to the airport so that the drive there isn't longer than the flight!
    This summer? I'll be staying close to home, with a trip planned for Sept 1st.

  2. Oh, the joy of not checking your bags again before leaving the international concourse!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  3. The airport just keeps growing and I know this is a good thing! I'm staying in Houston for a month to be with my Mother and then hopefully HOME for the summer! hugs, Linda