Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meteor Showers

 This post won't have amazing pictures because it was nearly impossible for me to capture the moon, stars and meteors on Friday night/Saturday morning with my camera, but I can tell you how much fun my husband and I had watching nature's show.
We got up at 2:30 a.m. EST and I grabbed my daughter's childhood sleeping bags (Lion King and 101 Dalmatians), fleece throws and some pillows, and headed outdoors. My husband grabbed the camera, tripod and coffee and still in our pajamas, we set up camp and watched the night skies until 5:30. This is not our first time to be stargazers but there are so many new technology tools that made the process more meaningful.
Our home is minutes from the airport so unfortunately the skies are generally bright and the full moon added even more light to the sky but we positioned our viewing station in the NE side of the house and the house itself helped block the view of the moon.  
It took a while for our eyes to adjust but it wasn't long before we could see a very faint formation that looked to be Camelopardalis.  
 My husband helped us find the best viewing direction and assisted in identifying what we were seeing with an iPhone app called "Planets" and there are plenty more apps and websites to help you for those interested in night skies.   The coolest was being able to chat with other stargazers about what they were seeing (or not) on the NASA website (yes, I had my iPad with me)!  The best was being able to see the meteors.  Such a memorable night.
If you want to really have some fun, grab Susan Branch's Summer Cookbook and try the menu she has for an evening picnic.  It's the best cookbook ever for this time of year.  
So today I'm celebrating our Dog Days of Summer with The Tablescaper and linking up with Seasonal Sundays.


  1. I heard about the fantastic night sky but was sound asleep through the show!
    I'll have to have a look at that menu, but alas, I won't be using it. I'm off to the mainland for work for a week.

  2. How wonderful! I've always been fascinated by the stars and meteor showers. You and your hubby had a great time ... one that will make memories. I love Susan Branch and will take a look! Have a great week!

  3. We had clouds and rain in the middle of the night so no star gazing here...

    It sounds like it was fun!

  4. What a wonderful evening spent together enjoying the night skies.

  5. I've got one Susan Branch book and I should look at others. Beautiful pictures.

  6. I’ll make a note of the Carver’s Restaurant but I am not sure about Do – we are not techy enough. I did receive my new cell phone yesterday – it is a smart phone this time. It is still in the box as I am afraid to use it – don’t know how to and know it will take me a long while to figure it out. I forgot about the sky show – it must have been something unique to watch. So you work near I-85 - I don’t know that area well.

  7. Wow! How neat! I should download that Ap....Christine

  8. What a treat to see a meteor shower! I'm visiting from Seasonal Sunday and am your newest follower. Hope you will visit my blog and follow back.

  9. We tried to see the meteor shower, but it was too cloudy here. :*( I'm glad you enjoyed it. I saw it once while living in FL & it was spectacular!

    Love anything Susan Branch puts out, so I'll have to request that book from our library.

    Oh & I have friends who pedaled through Provence for their 50th wedding anniversary! They trained for months just to get ready for it. I envied them.

  10. We tried to see the meteor showers but it was too cloudy here. Bummer.
    I'm glad you got to enjoy it, though