Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carve Out Some Time For Carver's!

Today my girlfriend invited me out to lunch so instead of going to lunch with my TLG (Tuesday Lunch Group) I went out for a lunch time adventure.  
Not far from my office is a place called Carver's.  Have you heard of it?  If you love southern food you might want to check it out.  

This is not necessarily a place that you would notice driving by but then again the fish might catch your eye.
Once I was inside I had no trouble deciding on my entree.  My pick was the Dolly Parton Fried Chicken Breast along with mac and cheese, crowder peas, a biscuit and sweet tea, of course.
 Honestly,  I haven't had a biscuit that good since my Aunt Elphia made them for our breakfast back in 1966.  If you live in Atlanta or happen to be visiting the area and you like southern food, you have to try Carver's.  They are only open weekdays from 11-3 and it's a cash only restaurant.  Hope you like it!


  1. My goodness, that looks good! I have no idea what crowder peas are, though.

  2. Goodness...it looks good! Cash only..this makes me smile for some reason!

  3. Hi! what a cute post! nice place a yummy food!

    You're invited to participate in my party "Step by step on tuesday!

    I hope you!


  4. You do know that I am a born and raised southerner don't you? Biscuits, fried chicken and sweet tea are like caviar and champaign to me!!


  5. Oh my that looks so wonderful. The small hole in the wall places always have the best food.

  6. This plate of food is making me hungry! Wow, what a southern treat!