Monday, March 1, 2010


For the past couple of years I have managed to avoid a cold but somehow one finally caught up with me. I could feel it coming over the weekend. This morning when I woke up my husband was quick to tell me that he couldn't sleep because of the sounds of my symphony (snoring). Today I went out for lunch but I couldn't taste a thing. To make up for a miserable lunch I treated myself to a bag of m&ms but I couldn't taste them either! I finally settled on a cup of white coffee (a cup of hot water). It was wonderful - seriously, you should try it! This should pass in a day or so but in the meanwhile I'm a whining, sneezing, snoring mess.


  1. Jo Jo, I hope it ISN'T the flu bug we've been fighting over here - - - 'cause if it is, it "ain't no fun!"

  2. Well, I hope you didn't get it from my grandson and now my daughter!

    Hope YOU feel better too.

    This is a rough winter.


  3. i hate to have found your blog when you are not feeling well enough to have company...
    feel better soon!

  4. Colds are the worst...I was just commenting to Joyce that luckily it has been over 12 years since I had a me get one now...and I don't need any help in the snoring department....Oh and I love the picture of the adorable granddaughter with her very stylish eye funny is that....she's so cute.

  5. Take care and feel better soon Cheryl! You have to get better for your trip!